Capturing history: From Roosevelt to Obama, here's a look at US presidents in Utah

Published: Monday, Sept. 23 2013 7:22 p.m. MDT

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In this 1960 photo, then-presidential candidate John F. Kennedy is greeted by hundreds of people at the Salt Lake airport, including a little girl on someone's shoulders.

>> Read more about JFK's 1960 visit to Utah in the Deseret News article, "John F. Kennedy — remembering a friend"
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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


You show a picture of President Reagan holding up a BYU shirt...


You forget to mention that in 1967, while Ronald Reagan was serving as the Gov. of California, he signed into law an abortion bill that led to the murder of over 2,000,000 babies.

In this day and age, it is surprising that you would omit this historical fact.


Just curious, but has anyone invited him? I bet if our governor invited him he would visit. I know Dick Cheney was invited to speak at BYU and did. Looking over the list it looks like most of the presidents that visited here did so for a specific reason (ie. they were supporting a senator or came at the request of another politician).


@ There You Go Again: What the heck does that have to do with the article, which is solely about which presidents visited Utah? None of the pictures list facts about what laws the presidents signed, especially not when they were governors. Did Reagan visit BYU or not? Yes. Save the rest for your personal blog.

Rutland vs. Medfield
Seattle, Wa

@ There You Go Again -

You failed to mention that your moniker is derived from a very famous line uttered by Ronald Reagan during a presidential debate (1980 - Jimmy Carter).

. . . has as much relevance.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Must admit it is extremely peculiar that a US President with such disdain for life, would visit the Mormon Utah, the state boasting the highest birthrate in the country.
This does come up frequently when Reagan's "wonderfulness" is being discussed.

Salt Lake City, UT

In the photo withe Senator Bennett and Sister Benson, does anyone else think that that looks like Mitt Romney standing in the background?

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

There You Go Again,

We all make mistakes. You do too.

I love my bishop. He's a great guy. Although if every time I talked about him I mentioned something he's done wrong it would be a little weird wouldn't it?

You have a choice. You can either sum up everyone around you with judgement and condemnation or you can try to convince others to do what's right. A motivating and positive atmosphere is great for that. It works wonders. Your comment however convinced no one, except perhaps yourself. You may convince yourself of how right you are a thousand times. But if it didn't do any good in the world, to what end are you working for?

I've lived on the pessimism train. I know from experience that it doesn't move forward, at all. It cannot, no matter how hard one tries to make it so.

I don't like abortion, and I'm not complacent about it. But to make mistakes is one thing, to judge others is worse. When you know better, yet rather than extend your hands you condemn instead... you are only contributing to the problem.

Murray, UT

@ There You Go Again

Your comment is pure sour grapes. It must hurt how well loved Reagan is, and how great a president he was. He was a president who actually cared about America in the long haul, not just about his legacy and the next election, which is why he left such a great legacy.

Go ahead, sling mud at that great president, who is now dead. It won't make the sorry president you worship look one iota better.

Tulsa, OK

President Obama met with top LDS and political leaders in his first term. The Deseret News published articles with photographs. So how forgetful can you be?

Burley, ID

"In the photo withe Senator Bennett and Sister Benson [Richard Nixon], does anyone else think that that looks like Mitt Romney standing in the background?" - thadmessenger

Thad, it sort of looks like him, but it can't be. Why? Because the young man appears to be 18 to 20 years of age and is quite tall (six foot plus). Mitt Romney was only 13 at the time the photo was taken. Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 the photo is dated October 10, 1960.

At 13 years - 7 months of age, Romney wouldn't have been anywhere close to the 6 foot 2 inches he is today.

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