BYU vs. Utah report card: Utes hold off the Cougars 20-13

Published: Sunday, Sept. 22 2013 2:43 a.m. MDT

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The Cougars blew opportunity after opportunity to come up just short again against their bitter in-state rival. Yards were made, but key plays during critical stages were not. The team now has two years to lick its wounds before trying to prove Utah's equal in 2016, when the rivalry game renews.

Grade: C
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Gallup, NM

Really? BYU can't find one kid to kick a field goal?

Provo, UT

wait a minute... Utah's special teams and byu's special teams got the same grade????? What a joke!

Provo, UT


They take into account the entire special teams. Yes there was the early shanked punt by Sorenson but the huge punt return by JD Falslev cancels that out. Other than that Special Teams was pretty even across the board, but that also leaves out the horrible call by the refs calling back the BYU touchdown after the fumbled punt-return of Utah.

Albuquerque, NM

Overly generous to the Cougar Offense and Special Teams. The offense was more of a D performance with the large number of three-and-outs. The special teams missed a FG and had two nice returns cancelled by penalties. One good return get the grade up to a C-.

Bronco needs to remember he is the HEAD COACH and focus on more than the defense.

Salt Lake City, UT

Typical Y "fan" blaming the refs. The replay clearly showed the punt returner never touched the ball and the kick return would have been called back regardless of the holding calls (multiple), Hine stepped out of bounds.
Before all the other Y "fans" start in on this blame the ref thing, keep in mind the Y got the bennifit of every replay, even the Espn announcers picked up on it.

Payson, UT

Utah would have won by 30 if the refs weren't clearly in BYU's corner

Provo, UT

It would be interesting to grade the officiating. I find it hard to understand why BYU would agree to officials from Utah's league!


"but that also leaves out the horrible call by the refs calling back the BYU touchdown after the fumbled punt-return of Utah."

I don't know why this is so hard for Y fans to understand. First off, it was the right call because there is no evidence in the world that can be found to determine the ball was ever touched by Norwood. Second, you have zero understanding of the rules regarding a muffed kick return. It is different than a return with established possession that is fumbled. A muffed return CANNOT(!!!) be advanced if it is recovered by the kicking team. How can we respect an opinion that doesn't account for what the rules of the game actually are?

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