Must-know facts and stats going into the BYU-Utah football game

Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:34 a.m. MDT

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Under coach Mendenhall, BYU has beaten Utah three times (2006, 2007 and 2009). These three seasons were Mendenhall’s most successful in terms of number of wins (BYU won 11 games in each of those seasons).
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Las Vegas, NV

Utah is 7-3 at Provo in the last 20 years also.

Go Utes! Build on the twenty year dominance!!

Layton, UT

The updated article is even better. lol. Go Utes!

Adin, CA

20 years of dominance? Please! Winning 19 of 21 is dominance. Utah is 13-7 over BYU in the past 20 years with 9 of those 13 wins being less than 7 points. Edge, yes. Dominance....in your dreams. The fact is that these two programs are recruiting the same level of talent and that is why the games are consistently close (2011 notwithstanding). To Utah's credit, they hired some great coaches and started caring about football. It has helped them get to BYU's level, whereas for 25 years they were an afterthought. Nobody is going to be dominant again Saturday night. Another close game decided by a play or two.

Centerville, UT

Really liked the picture of McBride and Edwards. Now just try and imagine Whittingham and Mendenhall in the same pose. ha-ha-ha

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

spokaloo - You are a voice of reason and 100% correct. These games can't be called anymore. Very equal footing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Looking forward to another intense and interesting game. I hope the coaches coach well, the players play well and the fans fan well. Lets have some fun and root for our favorite team to win. Everyone stay cool and be grateful to live in a blessed land where we can get fired up over a game. If we lived in Syria, we would have a whole different perspective about life. Let this game be an opportunity for some good sportsmanship and good will to emerge. Lets take that good will and hold it up as a light to others and try to help make this crazy world better somehow! Go Cougs!

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