BYU vs. Utah and other top rivalries disrupted by conference realignment

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 2:48 p.m. MDT

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This rivalry goes back farther than even college football itself.

The Border War has its roots in the pre-Civil War conflicts between Missouri and the then-new state of Kansas. The rivalry continued in a less bloody fashion as the Jayhawks faced the Tigers every year.

That is, up until Mizzou up and left for the SEC.

Yes, this rivalry wasn't as nationally relevent as some of the others, but as recently as 2007 both teams entered the game ranked in the top five. Besides, Missouri probably misses playing in the Big 12 against Kansas as it has gone 2-6 so far in SEC play.
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Layton, UT

Might as well play them and beat them every year. The insults from the jealous haters will never stop anyway. Go Utes!

Farmington, UT

Utah's invitation wasn't "coveted" it was desperation to get the PAC 11 to the PAC 12. Colorado accepted and Utah surely has to be thought of as having a better program than Colorado......or maybe not? If it truly were a coveted invitation to join Larry's group, you'd have witnessed at least one BIG 12 team accept the invite and Utah would still be in the MWC.

Sorry to bore you with the facts.

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