History of the rivalry: The top 15 BYU vs. Utah football games

Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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This was BYU and Utah's final rivalry game as members of the Mountain West before the Utes left for the Pac-12 and the Cougars turned independent.

The BYU defense managed to hold Utah scoreless through three quarters as the offense inched its way to a 13-0 lead. Utah's Joe Phillips then hit a 40-yard field goal to put the Utes on the board, and Jordan Wynn's 37-yard touchdown pass to DeVonte Christopher put Utah within three.

Mitch Payne's 42-yard field goal increased BYU's lead to six. Then, the determined Utes found the end zone again as Matt Asiada rushed in from three yards out and Utah took a 17-16 lead.

BYU responded by driving the ball all the way to the Utah 25-yard line. Mitch Payne had the game in his hands as he lined up for a game-winning 42-yard field goal attempt.

Utah's Brandon Burton had other ideas and blocked Payne's field goal. The Utes held on to win, 17-16.
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Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

For my money, the best game was the 1985 Guy Gibbs Bowl, with the all-time greatest play being Erroll Tucker's punt return that was called back on a dubious penalty. I know, the play didn't count, but Tucker bobbed, weaved, and ran circles around the coverage for about 150 yards before finding the end zone. BYU finally drove the wooden stake through the Utes' hearts with a 90 yard run by Lakei Hemulli late in the 4th. Just my opinion...


No 54-10?

No 2008 game that set up the biggest bowl win in the History of the State of Utah and the MWC?

metamora, IL

Yeah, I admit I like the choice as #1 just because it's soooo funny to watch the Ute fans storm the field . . . three times.

The Middle Of, UT

What about the Snow Bowl and the end of 'The Streak'? Utes 3 Cougs 0.

North Ogden, UT

There are many college football rivalries that are much more intense that BYU-UTAH. It's even less of a rivalry since they are now in different conferences. I guess it's still kind of a rivalry. Kind of like UTAH-COLORADO.

Las Vegas, NV

Des News should have had 54-10 in there with a picture of the Arby's billboard!


Glad to see at least one cougar who finds humor in losing a third straight to their arch-rival in his team's "Superbowl"

Go Utes! Here's to four straight and eight of eleven in Provo!

Salt Lake City, UT

This list is silly, the headline is "top 15 BYU vs Utah football games" but only about half the games listed were all that great. For Instance; Jim McMahon's game is on this list because he blew out a bad team and showed up some fans?
Just make different lists like Best Games, Best Finishes, Biggest Personalities etc etc.

West Jordan, Utah

2008 left out? whatever.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I agree that the 2008 was the best rivalry game.

Printing 50,000 preseason Quest t-shirts, only to get rolled over by your rival to accomplish your quest.... priceless!

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