Commentary: The best and worst of BYU football fans

Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 3:23 p.m. MDT

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However, when it comes down to it, fans of BYU are a great fanbase.

The deal with ESPN, the consistent big crowds in Provo and the strong presence on the road adequately demonstrate that those who wear blue and white can be proud of their team and each other, even if they are a little hot and cold.
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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Cute little brothers thinking you belong with the big boys.

You don't.

No big conference likes you or wants you.

You will always be a WAC program with WAC quality fans

West Jordan, UT

BYU fans are quite spoiled and have really unrealistic expectations. With the challenges that BYU has in recruiting speed at the skill positions, you'd think the Cougar faithful wouldn't be shocked or angry when they get beat by better/faster teams. Yet whenever it happens I hear an extraordinary amount of whining and excuse making and calls for the coach's head.

Utah fans lack a realistic approach also. Tell me how you are going to compete for a Pac 12 championship and a Rose Bowl when the BYU game is still the only real "must-win" on your schedule? I think the best thing that could happen for Utah is for the rivalry to go away for 2 years. Hopefully then Utah can focus on winning PAC 12 games of substance rather than non-league games against mediocre independents.

I am so ready for this rivalry to go away!!

Farmington, UT

You need to do some more research before you diss the 62,000+ fans at Lavell's last game. What was the weather like? Who were they playing? What was their season record at that point? What time was the game? Did Provo City or UDOT have a major construction project at the stadium or on the freeway? And what about the 62,000+ that DID show up? They ought to get some respect, in fact look at why they needed to build the expanded stadium in the first place and how many sell-out games they have had over the years. Total fans in that time? Sour grapes by the reporter.

One lame dude attaching a cheerleader hardly qualifies as being a bad fan base. I can give you instances of fans 40 miles north getting into fights in the stands and injuring a lady while campus police turned their head. Does that make that schools fans bad too, by association?

During Edwards' era cheers were for touchdowns; during Crowton's ear they were for first downs. The momentum changes from year-to-year.

I know you need a story for rivalry week, but this one fails somewhat.

Witty Username
Saratoga Springs, UT

What a pointless article.

Palo Alto, CA

Who is this BYU-hating Dave Gillespie character and makes him such an "expert" about BYU fans?

Farmington, UT

Hey, Chris B, glad to see you are singing the praises of the WAC. You conveniently left out the MWC. Remember way back when reality was something Utah fans understood when they were charter members of the WAC and the MWC (probably before you were born) and BYU dominated that league in almost EVERY sport, year-in-and-year-out? Utah had a good basketball program for a while, but where is that now? How many league titles does Utah have in Track-and-Field during those glory years? NONE. How many in baseball? How many in Football? Why did Whittingham say he was glad they would never have to play Air Force in Football again?

Utah carries the water and towels for the 'big boys' cuz they certainly don't give them any competition. You LOST to OSU at home. In year one, it was Colorado at HOME.

Utes---big deal.

Go sell PAC 12 Trivia, that's where U excel, not on the field. Don't forget 0 - 27 at UNLV, too. Embarrassing, wasn't it? Now you get creamed every week in the PAC 12.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

Really bad excuse for an article here. You can find all of these same issues in any other fan base. Give me a break.

Phoenix, AZ

Waiting for a similar article about Utah now. All this did was show that fans of BYU are human. Demeaning BYU fans by showing some of the worst about them and then making fun of the "primary lessons" and "Mini-van" stereotype is pathetic.

Are you going to write about the coward Utah fan who charged Mendenhall last year and back down after Mendenhall started walking to him? What about Ute fans dumping beer on Max Halls family? Seems an article like this is only meant to demean a program, not uplift. Try writing something positive about the fans and see if you can change the situation for the better (for Utes and Cougars) rather than allow this article to become a hotbed of infighting that is already out of control (al la Chris B).

Logan, UT

"fail gating" hahaha so true.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Hey Chris,

How about those Oregon State Beavers! On and check in with Amazon, they just released those PAC 12 doormats in beautiful crimson red. Just in time for the holidays!

Overton, NV

"Don't forget 0 - 27 at UNLV, too."

I believe you made a major mistatement on this one.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that 0-27 debacle occurred at home, not on the road.

Salt Lake City, UT

"DeseretNews.com encourages a civil dialogue among its readers. "

Both this article and the comments show the hypocrisy of this statement.

Overton, NV

Should have researched before I posted.
The 0-27 was in Vegas. My memory was faulty, toosmartforyou had it right.

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

I have to agree this article wasn't very interesting.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ I Bleed Blue

"How about those Oregon State Beavers! On and check in with Amazon, they just released those PAC 12 doormats in beautiful crimson red. Just in time for the holidays!"

Only a BYU fan would know, right? Considering your kitty cats keep losing to that conference "doormat" you whY? like to call us. Now you can add Virginia to that list of conference doormats your kitty cats lost to. Doesn't look too good for BYU, now does it?

Lincoln City, OR

@chis b

When utah can talk about their greatness based on what they accomplish as a team then your words will have merrit... losing to OSU on your own field after they were taken to the wood shed by an FCS team on their home field does not give your team any form of bragging rights... Belonging to the Big Bad PAC12 means nothing when you are a doormat...

Looking at your schedule makes me think that y'all have a very long season ahead of you... The only potential win I see for utah is the last game of the season against your new rival "Colorado" and I would not be surprised if they take you out too... That leaves you guys with a 2-10 season... Ouch... Hope that doesn't cost KW his job...

Pounding one's chest based on the league one belongs to is like our former QB (Heaps) telling America how tough they are going to be as a member of the Big 12... LOL... They were spanked last weekend by Rice and a full season of spankings are scheduled for them as well.

BYU 31 utes 14

Mark it Down.

Oh, and Go Buffalos...

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT


Idaho Falls, ID

I don't get it.
Why does DN feel compelled to dish all this hate on BYU fans?
Even your examples of bad fan behavior are pretty weak.
Are you going to submit a similar article about Utah fans?
I've attended a lot of BYU road games all over the country, and I can honestly say that when it comes to bad behavior, there is not even a close second to Utah fans.

clearfield, UT

To all Utah and Utah State fans, I'm a USC fan, and believe me, they way SC is capable of playing poorly this season don't be surprised if one or both of you get wins against an ostensible top 25 team. As for BYU, from what I saw against Texas, I'm glad we won't be playing them this year.


I have no doubt that an article very much like this could be written about the fan base of every college football program in America. If the only unique thing - the only negative thing that is, at least, uncommon among other groups of fans - that you (the proverbial "you") can say about BYU's fans is that they don't show up on time for games or that they don't get drunk in the parking lot before a game starts, then I think this is pretty weak.

West Point , UT

I'm a BYU fan and love BYU sports, but the fans have always been an enigma to me. They called for Norm Chows head and then did nothing but complain after his departure. Many of them wanted Anae gone after somehow forgetting how awful the offense was before him...only to realize it again when Doman took his place. There's the almost sacrament meeting atmosphere at times in the stadium, where if you stand up to cheer some old timer yells at you to sit back down because you're blocking his view (probably the same guy that said "they don't have games on Saturday afternoon anymore").There's the lack of tailgating and pregame pageantry that carries tradition at other power programs. When I watch my Georgia Bulldogs there's a sea of red in the stands, including read pom poms and towels. BYUs stands look like a collidascope of colors, which has always been disappointing to me. In other programs, gameday is an event...all day. If BYU fans are honest, they see the truth in many points of this article. I am, however, looking for the same truth in a forthcoming Utah article.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Nevada Coug
If you are looking for a bad loss to UNLV you do not have to look any further than when the Y lost to UNLV at HOME in 2004.
The U used their horrible loss to Unlv to go 21-1 over the next season and half, BYU went into the fetal position and fired their coach.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

What is the point of this article? At least do the same for the Ute fans, the Aggie fans, and the Wildcats fans. What editor approved a divisive story like this?


I agree with you! I laughed hard at your comment because I was at a BYU basketball game once and I got sweated for standing because they couldn't see. I just moved, but it was hilarious that you brought it up.

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