There she is: From 1921 to 2015, see the Miss America pageant through the years

Published: Sunday, Sept. 15 2013 10:51 a.m. MDT

Miss America 2016 will be crowned Sunday night in Atlantic City, where the event first began in 1921 as a bathing suit competition.

Here's a photographic look at the Miss America Pageant through the years, starting in 1921 and working up to 2015.

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george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I thumbed through a little more than half before I could tell that there ain't nothing like my sweet baby.

West Jordan, UT

I started watching the Miss America pageant in 1985 with Sharlene Wells. I have never turned back. I love watching the pageant. I am still proud to be from Utah when Sharlene stood up and handled herself with such grace and dignity. I will always look up to her for that. I wish things were as cut and dry and right and wrong as things were back then. I have had the privilege of working with 2013 & 2014 Miss Utah. I am still proud of our Utah girls and how they hold themselves. I have seen them with such love for Utah's special needs girls and I am so honored to have gotten to know our Miss Utah. I wish Miss Utah luck as she competes today.

Woodland, CA

Being beautiful is power. If you are beautiful you usually get the best jobs and the best men. Young beauty and that power does not last. The young women in the pageant spend hundreds of dollars on makeup, diets, exercise, hair extensions, and clothes. I think pageants are a throw back to earlier times when beauty was the only why women could get what they wanted. Now young women have many opportunities that was denied to them 30 years ago. Beauty pageants are fun to watch and I know that the men especially like to watch. I feel that the beauty pageants set up impossible and unrealistic standards for young women and girls. I drive the highway in Utah and see adds for breast implants and liposuction. The pageants and advertisements send the message that you must be beautiful. Girls and young women need to develop skills, compassion,self confidence and get an education. As an educator I have a difficult time getting the message across to the girls that they need an education and skills. Beauty pageants send the wrong message.
P.S. I was considered beautiful when I was young and I did get a college education.

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