West Coast Conference arenas at a glance

Published: Saturday, July 2 2011 10:43 p.m. MDT

Mark A. Philbrick, BYU
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Nikon Guy
Henderson, NV

Small venues for a small-time league... BYU will never shake off the mid-major title as long as it continues the WCC affiliation. In any case I wish BYU all the best and hope the independence and WCC ventures goes well.

Cardston, Alberta

I am certain all BYU fans have been asking questions regarding arena size in the WCC. I phoned Gonzaga and they have NO seats available as all are sold out every year. They have an allocation of seats for fans of visiting teams however as will all member teams. Plus the WCC league tourney is held at the Orleans Casino arena in Las Vegas which only seats about 8,000. My guess is that WCC member teams will change the venue of the BYU game as more of their own fans will come plus large numbers of BYU fans from near and far who will attend. My next question has to do with the league tourney. I watched the USU/BSU final tourney game in that conference and the Orleans was not even close to full. BYU will be a different story altogether. The Thomas and Mack comes to mind for BYU and Gonzaga games in the WCC tourney if there is no conflict with the MWC tourney.

Beverly Hills, CA

Be still my beating heart! Look at the size of those HUGMUNGEOUS ARENAS! I hope for BYU's sake they don't recruit players with claustrophobia.


@Nikon Guy

Conference affiliation doesn't matter in Basketball. Why? Because unlike the corrupt BCS and college football, every conference tourney champion gets an auto bid to the NCAA basketball tourney. That means the pac12 gets the same number of automatic bids as the WAC, or the MAC, or the WCC. That number is 1.

BYU will get into the NCAA tournament every year now.

The other good thing is 58% of BYU alumni live in either Utah, California, Oregon, or Washington: the 4 states covered by WCC teams. I would much rather play in a small gym in Malibu or San Diego, versus a larger stadium in Laramie, WY or Fort Collins, CO. Good bye cold, snowy MWC schools, hello sunny, sand, and beach locations in the WCC!

More important than all of this is the Sunday play. Pac10 invited Utah because they will play on Sunday's. BYU will not. The WCC has already committed to never have BYU play on Sunday's. It's a great fit for a faith based conference and a faith based universitylike BYU.

Go Cougars!

Craig Frantz
Spokane, WA

Gonzaga has the option of playing at Spokane Arena and they usually do 2 or 3 times a season. It holds 10,000

Santa Monica, CA

From a conference that averaged close to 10,000 a game, to a conference which barely breaks 2000 per. These truly are high school gyms. That wasn't hyperbole on the part of sniggering Ute fans. How in the world will this help with in state recruiting? A recruit dreams of stepping out on the floor at the Huntsman Center, McHale Center and of course, Pauley Pavilion. Leading your team on to the floor of storied Jenny Craig Pavilion is probably not what young kids go to bed dreaming of.

South Jordan, UT

In most cases, the gyms will be full of BYU fans. BYU will always feel at home.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck getting a ticket on the road BYU fans.

Also, what does it matter if there is sun or mountains or rain CougarIndy? You aren't sitting in it. If you care because you have to travel, and its easier for your nimble bones...then man up. Especially if you are from Omaha, you really shouldnt care. I really don't think BYU would rather play at a sold out New Mexico Pit or even FT Collins or Vegas than a gym like SLCC uses.

It is what it is...don't try to disguise it. The good thing is the product on the floor will be good and entertaining, and everyone
Ikes a winner which the Cougs will take over department as well.

I look forward to a good basketball season.

Bronco Loco
Henderson, NV

@ Cougar_Independence
I agree with the with you but I'm just saying as hard as BYU tries to keep up with Utah they will always be known as a mid-major because the WCC is known as mid-major conference and not a high major. Also you have to keep in mind that most mid-majors do not get as much respect when the seeding and selection comes along during the NCAA's. I suspect BYU will probably get shafted a little more because they are in the WCC. Even the second place team in the WCC has to battle it's way into the NCAA's via the conference tourney. In my opinion the move to the WCC is a downgrade and more of circumstance for BYU. In most years the MWC is ranked between 6-7 in RPI while WCC is between 10-13.

Iowa City, IA

Ute fans...you are in the PAC 12 now, congratulations. BYU is so pathetic (according to you) that you shouldn't worry about the gyms of the WCC. You certainly have more things to worry about, like how your attendance wouldn't fill a WCC gym.

Recruits don't want to play at the huntsman for alumni who are 80 years old trying to remember the good old days.

Provo, UT

Man, looking at the size of those places, those poor wcc teams are going to have a heart attack when they come to the Marriot Center. Anyone notice that the BYU student section is larger then any of those gyms?


Playing in a small arena has not stopped Duke from becoming a NCAA power every year. Small arenas are loud.

Ranch Hand
Bountiful, UT

These places make old Einar Nielson look pretty spacious.

Sandy, UT


BYU ranked 6th Nationally in Attendance in 2010-11 with 18,714 per game.

BYU even ranked 10th Nationally, when you add in Road and Neutral site games, demonstrating BYU's appeal even on the road.

The WCC ranked 15th as a Conference in attendance last year, out of 31 Conferences, plus Independents.

If you were to factor in BYU's Home Attendance average of 2010-11 to the WCC Attendance totals of 2010-11, the WCC would have been the 8th ranked Conference Nationally in attendance, just behind....."The Pac 10 Conference."

BYU's addition to the WCC improves the League in more ways than one..

Sandy, UT

These aren't bad at all.

Most High School Gyms seat 8-1200. Dispense with the notion that these are High School gyms.

They're as big or bigger as the old Utah Einer Nielson Fieldhouse where Arnie Ferrin, Billy McGill and Merv Jackson played in Utah's glory years.

They're on par with many Big East, A-10 etc., arenas.

Utah can't fill their 15k seat arena anyway, nor can they compete with WCC teams, so what have U to boast?

Lehi, UT

Have you noticed that Utah has the biggest basketball gym in the new PAC-12. Range of gyms are Standford's under 8,000 to Utah's 15,000. Not exactly over sized by any means. I doubt the smaller gym at Stanford has hurt their teams performance or school endowment which is huge at over $12 Billion per one source. Good luck in your new league Utes.

BYU is going to thrive in this new league and the new league is going to soar in the next few years. Can't wait for this year's team. Purchased season tickets already. The Cougars are going to need to get better in Women's basketball, Tennis and soccer. This new is a step up in women's sports.

Beverly Hills, CA

Dixie State and SUU both have arenas 5000+.

Morgan, UT


Huntsman center holds around 12,000...when Utah plays there are 500 people in attendance, but if you add in the food stand servers, custodians, ticket takers, coaching staff and other essential personnel...the Huntsman center swells to about 900.

This is a real great venue to play in and has plenty of room to stretch your legs in.

From my understanding, the three basketball games which will be on TV this year, the Utah staff requires the TV people not to use wide-angle lens and can only focus on fan areas no greater than 30 people...so sad...so bad.

But good luck Utah...I am a true BYU fan who will be cheering for Utah...

Wayzata, MN

"A recruit dreams of stepping out on the floor at the Huntsman Center, McHale Center and of course, Pauley Pavilion."

One of these things is not like the others
One of these things just doesn't belong
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

A little math shows that the average arena size of the other teams in the conference is about 4,564 seats. My high school had a larger gym. I want to hear what coach Roase has to say about playing in obscurity. Was this really a good move for the basketball program? It is true that the winner of the confernce will receive an automatic bid to the NCAA, this does not speak well for recruiting in the long term as most of these games will not be televised over the long term. After what BYU fans have been experiencing lately with basketball, this seems like being thrown under the bus. While I do respect both Gonzaga and St. Mary's, I am still interested to really hear what Coach Rose thinks about this. You notice he does not say much.

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