10 must-know facts about BYU football during the bye week

Published: Friday, Sept. 13 2013 9:28 a.m. MDT

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Mendenhall-coached BYU teams have played against but never beaten these teams: Boston College, California, Florida State, Nevada, Notre Dame, Boise State and Virginia.

With 10 regular-season games remaining in 2013, the Cougars' current coach has the opportunity to claim his first victories over Nevada, Notre Dame and Boise State.
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Hyrum, UT

BYU is fortunate to currently have a head coach (Bronco) who is statistically the same caliber as Lavell Edwards... especially considering the iconic legacy that Edwards has. Keep up the great work, coach!

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

You might have to count a loss to TCU in the Dallas Stadium a neutral site loss, unless TCU practices or plays there frequently. That would make the record 1-1 at neutral sites.

Aurora, CO

Spot on!

This team and their coach are primed for greatness. This season will have victories over Texas (accomplished), Utah (next week at home), Boise State (a first for Bronco), Notre Dame (away, and long overdo), and six more to give the Cougs a 10-2 record and a top-15 finish.

This season will help set the table for a phenomenal 2014 and a top-10 start to the season.

Seeing a bright future for the Cougars.

BYU 40 Utah 17

Gooooooooo Cougars!!!


@mindgames. I agree. BYU is going to win the rest of their games this season. I predict BYU 50 Utah 3. National Championship here we come. Repeat of 1984!!!


I don't know if @mindgames and @Rojorules are just Utah fans in disguise to make BYU fans look bad, but are you for reals? I am one of the biggest BYU fans around, yet I know that Virginia blew any hope of a national championship away. I love BYU to death, but I am down to earth about it. We'll be lucky to squeak one past Utah (not that I would mind a blowout though at all) We just assume that we'll beat Notre Dame and Boise and Wisconsin. We play Notre Dame in south bend, no one can take that win for granted, and we play Wisconsin away too. We're a far cry away from a national title or even a BCS bowl for that matter. Wait until we beat those teams to start talking about those things

Roy, UT

BYU has unique program in NCAA, with great schedule they have opportunities, will they step up? Hope they take do rise to the challenge.



It's even more challenging than what you outlined. After the Texas win BYU got nearly no credit for its victory. Rather, it was how could a Big 12 team like Texas, with it's yearly superior recruiting classes and 3 deep talent at nearly every position on the depth chart could have lost to a team that's just happy to be playing the game (a paraphrased quote from Steve Smith of ESPN this morning). So, even though BYU does have some respect by many in the national media and considered a Legacy football program in some corners, the talk of a national championship at any time in the near future is ridiculous. BYU has a great deal of work to do to continue building its national brand until such time that a walloping of a Texas type of team in the future isn't headlined in the next day papers with what Texas did wrong and how could they lose to such an inferior team to BYU once again destroyed another perennial top 10 team. I'm afraid that day is further off than any of us would like to admit.


Apparently 32843 and Chris B are the only ones to think no one is crediting BYU for their victory over Texas last week. Taysom Hill, Alani Fua, Justin Sorensen were all named Independent Players of the Week for the respective positions. And, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl named BYU the National Team of the Week for games of the weekend of September 7. Praise has been universally very good for BYU, despite reportage of Texas' failings.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure mindgames was being optimistic (no predictions of national championship), and RojoRules was mocking and being sarcastic.

Also, don't most of the bowl games count as "neutral site" statistics?


In case anyone saw the UT/OSt squeaker, I'm glad we have KVN on the side where Travis Wilson likes to run for touchdowns. I hope TW doesn't find us asleep like OSt was so many times, even though they won. TW has an arm and good receivers for the big killer plays too, so we've got to put more pressure on him than the Beavs did, and hurry him and sack him and make him throw erratic. This is a young kid who shouldn't be making all those big plays. I hope it goes to his head though, so he gets overconfident. As for us, no easy runs over that Ute D, though they didn't look that tough against the Beaver's run game/ We don't have the pinpoint passing game OSt had, so what's it going to take to run the Utes out of our stadium? I hope patience and execution and let's not give them the game with mistakes and big plays. I think we're better than Utah based on what I saw tonight. Go Rivalry Week!

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