Utah Jazz draft rewind 2013 - 2002

Published: Wednesday, July 20 2011 1:44 p.m. MDT

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No. 9 - Trey Burke
No. 27 - Rudy Gobert

Burke was picked up from Minnesota with the No. 14 and 21 picks, filling a glaring need for the Jazz at point guard.

Utah traded their No. 46 pick and cash considerations for the No. 27 pick to Denver which translated into Rudy Gobert from France.
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Doctor J
Manti, UT

With a great chance of no NBA season...how will the NBA Draft work next summer...???

Who will pick where???

Will they skip the draft for next year also???

Will there be a lottery???

Bug Off or somebody can you shed some light???

Salt Lake City, UT

A long NBA lookout looks likely!

I bet it's Manute Bull ... He is a long guy and I bet he can be the lookout!

Tokyo, Japan

if there is no season...draft will be based using the just completed season rankings...meaning will get Golden State's pick...i think its 10 and 11th pick...

Houston, TX

This just a guess but I suspect there will be basketball after the super bowl is played.

If the whole season is lost then the league will come up with a weighted lotto for all teams with those who have never gotten a number 1 pick having the most weight (that was reported about 6 weeks ago, I do not remember the source).

I am not sure if that is the only criteria. Maybe an average position of the last 3 years of drafts will also be a factor?

Salt Lake City, UT

I am really tired of these lists that require loading new pages every time. They are almost as bad as pop-ups. Why is the internet going this direction? One of the main reasons I choose google over bing is because bing uses so many of these lists...

Also, why can't the desnews staff do a little more research? Kosta Koufus is on the Nuggets. And Jazz fans every where want to know more about Ante Tomic and Dragicevic. We are left searching through weird European blogs that we don't understand. To post "they most likely won't play in the NBA" isn't consistent with what we've found. Dragicevic came and played last summer but sprained his ankle and there are all sorts of rumors floating about Tomic. We all appreciated the article last year, but we want another update!


It's Cobain...

Salt Lake City, Utah

I think we were more interested in the 2nd round Euro's before we ended up with Favors and Kanter. Now, the fringe NBA Euro's don't really register on the collective Jazz fans interest level, although I'd give it, on a scale of 1-10, a solid 1. Chances Tomic comes and plays for the Jazz? 5% So we move on.

Highland, UT

Not exactly very good picks over the last 10 years.

The B.I.V.
Centerville, UT

"Tomic" sounds funny...

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