BYU football: BYU's victory over Texas offers some important sub-headlines

Published: Sunday, Sept. 8 2013 4:24 a.m. MDT

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On a night when the run game blew the doors off the opposition, piling up more than 500 yards on the ground, there wasn’t a ton of dependency on the passing game, especially in the second half.

However, as teams start to figure out how to keep Hill from breaking to the outside, he’s going to be forced to stand in the pocket and pass or hit receivers on the run.

After a 13/40 effort and a 26.4 quarterback rating against Virginia, Hill was just 9/26 and 129 yards against Texas. But beyond the raw numbers, Hill had plenty of open receivers he consistently threw behind, and had a real hard time converting pass-plays on third down when it was needed in the first half.

Hill also needs to improve his reads and progressions in the passing game. While he’s shown great instinct and decision-making in the run-option, he must learn to look off his first option and check his progressions to find open receivers and keep the offense balanced.

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Bountiful, UT

BYU punter Scott Arellano has GOT to speed up his approach when punting. Texas was loading up for bear early in the game and very nearly blocked one. As long as he continues going as slow as molasses in January teams all year long will be gunning for him.

Mission Viejo, CA

I agree with most comments on this list. The glaring issue is passing. I'm hopeful that Hill will be able to bring that around, but frankly, he's been terrible at hitting his receivers. I watched the game with a more analytical eye and saw a three or four balls too low, a couple behind the receiver, and a couple overthrown.

He got a lot better in the 2nd half, but clearly this needs to be a focus.

The big difference between Hill and Oregon's Mariotta is passing. Mariotta is a much better passer. But to be fair, Hill is still a Sophomore. He's a sophomore. I have to keep telling myself that.

Bountiful, UT

Good point about Hill's passing. There are actually 3 options with BYU's read option attack. The first is the FB dive, 2nd is the QB keeper based off what the QB reads from the DL. The 3rd option is when he keeps and is running and he sees the DB committing to the run he can step back and throw over the top.

Hill has only been using the first 2 options and so far the only times he's passed the ball are with designed passing plays. Knowing how the utes tend to over pursue in an effort to take something away, this 3rd option if used can pop some big plays in the passing game when the utes aren't planning for it.

With BYU having 2 weeks to prepare I'm hoping to see us use this 3rd option often and take advantage of them cheating or over-committing and burn them deep. I'm hoping these next 2 weeks we'll see a big improvement in Taysom's passing.

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