High school football: Felt's Facts Week 3

Published: Thursday, Sept. 5 2013 3:40 p.m. MDT

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Most Wins Per Seasons of Football (through 2012)

Note: Juan Diego has won 129 games in 13 years, or 9.92 games per season.

1. Juan Diego – 9.92

2. Lone Peak – 8.38

3. Skyline – 8.27

4. Timpview – 7.78

5. Syracuse – 7.50

6. Hunter – 7.00

7. Fremont – 6.95

8. Alta – 6.94

9. Brighton – 6.91

10. Mountain Crest – 6.87

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Rural sport fan

One error...Carbon played Grand in 2013, despite the story saying they have no game in the traveling trophy bit.

Provo, UT

To correct the record Provo has lost 13 straight. They lost their last game in 2011, all ten last year and their first two this year.

Provo, UT

The Skyline vs. Olympus rivalry has been interrupted at least three times. Skyline is in its 51st year of existence and the two schools have played 47 times. I believe the two schools took a reprieve about 10-12 years ago, Olympus coaches and administrators citing the inability to be competitive. I also think during one of the relatively new realignments the two schools were placed in different classifications and regions and did not play.

Spanish Fork, UT

Most Wins Per Seasons of Football (through 2012)

San Juan has won 123 games in the past 13 season, my math says that is 9.46 wins per season.
They have won 81% of their games.
With Duschense current win streak I would think they would have a good average wins per season also.

Spanish Fork, UT

I was way too curious so I had to go look at Duchesne's record.
Last 12 Years.
97 wins and 45 loses, that results in 7.46 wins.
They had one season where they only played 7 games total.
Last 4 season they are 45 Wins and 4 losses.

Back to San Juan
Last 4 season they are 44 and 3 losses.

When it comes to possible wins, one must remember that 3A, 4A and 5A teams could have a possible one to two extra games person compared to the smaller 1A and 2A teams. For example, Jordon 5A's state champ had 13 games last season whereas Duschesne only had 12 as 1A state champs.

G Felt
Salt Lake City, UT

To Rural Sports Fan - you are correct - that was the season opener this year. To Eagle - yes, Provo has lost 14 (now) in a row. Regarding Skyline-Olympus, that "uninterrupted" for their series was not in my original story - somehow it slipped in to the online edition. To InterestedObserver - Duchesne has averaged 4.988 wins over its 42 seasons. But your point about larger classification schools having an extra game is cogent. Of the 2A and 1A schools, San Juan has the most wins per season - 6.649. That ranks 14th overall.

Thanks for reading.

G Felt
Salt Lake City, UT

To Provo Fans - Congratulations on breaking your 13-game losing streak! And sorry for the error in my last comment.

Rural sport fan

With Rich being consistently in the 1A playoffs, one would think their average wins per season would be high as well.

One odd thing about the wins per season thing...1A schools always have to play up a class in non region games to fill a schedule. Larger schools can play up, or down a class.

So the numbers there can be a bit misleading.

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