BYU football: 5 questions with a Texas insider

Published: Thursday, Sept. 5 2013 9:26 a.m. MDT

Wescott Eberts covers Texas football for burntorangenation.com and knows the team as well as anyone. We asked Eberts five questions to gain better insight into what BYU will be facing this Saturday.

Here's what he had to say.

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Bloomington, IN

"DN: What does Texas need to do to come out of Provo with a win?

Eberts: Texas has to take away any big plays by the BYU passing game and limit the effectiveness of Hill..."

Don't worry Texas, Anae has taken care of that for you.

Gus Tunkle
Pleasant Grove, UT

I am feeling good about our friends from Texas. They know how to play football real good. The BYU Cougars should watch them do cool tricks and stuff on the field. Yeah!

Saint George, UT

I thought this game was a high possibility win - before I saw the train wreck that was last week's offensive (pun intended!) effort - if you want to call it that.

Now? Not so much. At all.

Giving the other team twice the time of possession (yes, it became more even toward the end of the game) because of a hideous failure to execute is NOT a strategy.

In the words of Coach Wooden, "Never mistake activity with achievement." What we saw last week was certainly a lot of activity, and very little achievement.

Call out: I'm triple annoyed that Mitch Matthews was hyped up pre-season by media. He looked like it was his first game . . . ever. He may want to ease up on the pre-game dunk contests and focus a little more using is 6'6" frame to bring the ball down NO MATTER WHAT.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

@Chase: You should lower your expectations and not buy all of the July/August hype from the press. Reality says this team is very young on the offensive side of the ball. Add to that a completely new scheme that no doubt takes a long time to install effectively. Add to that the inexperience of an entirely new O-Line. Sure, most Cougar fans expected a more solid outing against UVA, but it didn't happen. I expect a solid improvement this week...but that may not be enough for a win. This team is not going to be a .750 team. .500 will probably be max this year. That said, I will continue to root and cheer and love my Cougs regardless. It's not all about going undefeated every year. That won't happen...probably ever again! GO COUGS!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Texas needs to beat OU or Brown is in trouble. When does Bronco's inepitude against Utah become a factor?

Peyton, CO

I haven't commented on this wall for a long time since, in a previous post, I said I'd give him a chance. Well, I did. After last week's ridiculous imitation of a football team, I am ready to call it a 6-6 or, at best, a 7-5 season. Bronco has returned to form (all defense, no clue on offense). Yep, Bronco, you blew it. If a so-called "much improved team from last year" BYU can't beat a very mediocre UVa--NOTE: a lightning delay/rain storm should NOT matter to a good team as they are expected to execute rain or shine!--then Bronco should pack his bags and find someone in need of a decent DC. That's all he is--a decent DC.
Also, why would anyone re-hire a guy (Anae) he just fired about two years ago for not doing a good job?? Poor decision making if you ask me. Similar to what his players do on the field (e.g., 3rd down, Hill to Williams=interception)! A ridiculous and sad commentary on how this team will play out the rest of the season. Can't wait for basketball to begin...GO COUGS!

Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

Realistically the Cougs are looking at a 4 win season if they do not step it up. Beating the Utes, probably not a chance. Especially if the Utes make more strides during the season.

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