Grading Utah schools: Top 50 highest scoring elementary/middle/jr. high schools

Published: Friday, Sept. 13 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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District: Beaver

Grade: A

Overall points/Overall possible: 498/600

Growth ELA all students/Possible: 60/100

Growth math all students/Possible: 83/100

Growth science all students/possible: 69/100

Growth ELA below proficient/Possible: NA

Growth math below proficient:/Possible: NA

Growth science below proficient/Possible: NA

English Language Arts proficient/Possible: 97/100

Math proficient/Possible: 100/100

Science proficient/Possible: 89/100
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Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Again with these "top school" articles? These aren't the top schools. These are the schools that were the worst but made some gains. The top schools don't even make these lists because a big chunk of the "grade" is due to progress. You can't make progress when you are already at the top.

This whole grading system was schemed up by Parents for choice in education. They want vouchers. They are trying to get the public angry at their local school by assigning a grade. The only problem is the grade doesn't reflect reality which is exactly what this "parents" group wants.

Whenever you see school "grades" think vouchers. That is what they are pushing for and the good senator is their lap dog.

It is shameful.

Taylorsville, UT

Instead of grading the schools, we should be grading the PARENTS.
My daughter teaches kindergarten. 80% of her incoming students don't know the alphabet and can't write their names.
My 3 year old grandson is more prepared for school than these kids.
They're supposed to learn all this stuff BEFORE reporting to school. She's supposed to be teaching them vocabulary words that are FAR above their capabilities. These poor kids are starting out with a deficit and they'll probably NEVER catch up because their parents failed to prepare them, and further, won't (or can't) help them progress.
The schools are failing because the students were failed by their parents.

Salt Lake City, UT


How many of these students don't speak English? Yet, their test scores count the same.

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