Grading Utah school: Top 50 lowest scoring high schools

Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 4:06 p.m. MDT

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District: Granite

Grade: F

Overall points/Overall possible: 353/750

Growth ELA all students/Possible: 25/50

Growth math all students/Possible: 18/50

Growth science all students/possible: 26/50

Growth ELA below proficient/Possible: 26/50

Growth math below proficient:/Possible: 18/50

Growth science below proficient/Possible: 23/50

English Language Arts proficient/Possible: 70/100

Math proficient/Possible: 11/100

Science proficient/Possible: 35/100

College & Career Readiness/Possible: 101/150
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Herriman, UT

The Jason Project: this one program alone can help every school improve their science, ELA, and math scores, if the teachers will work together to utilize ALL the resources available through the websites. It is especially useful and effective for grades 4-8. Take my word, as a 26-year veteran of the classroom. Best of luck to you schools with F's. OH, yes -- and stop trying to teach in TWO languages. English. We speak English in American classrooms, unless you sign up to learn a "foreign" language.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's schools: tens of thousands of students, thousands of employees, millions of dollars in infrastructure and salaries, myriads of degrees, talents, abilities and personalities. And all the legislature can concoct as a report is a single letter grade?

That is so bogus! Public and private employees get evaluations that comment of various portions of their employment performance. You take your car in for an oil change and there is a systems report by the service staff to inform you how your car is performing and to point your attention to needed service areas.

You send you child to school and meet periodically with the teacher and get some verbal and sometimes written information on progress. And all the legislature can come up with is a single letter grade?

Folks, this is insulting to reason and common sense. I suggest the legislature spend less time and lobbyist sponsored lunches and more time on this one.

I most totally disagree with this bone-headed process.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Once again, this grading system is a great tool for identifying lower class neighborhoods and schools who cater to troubled youth (most of the schools at the bottom of the list are alternative schools for troubled youth with poor family lives and juvenile delinquents), but it really doesn't tell you anything about the school.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Strider303, is it fair to guess that you have a vested interest in one of the schools at the bottom of the list?

I can tell you that there is not a school in Utah that is as low a level, comparable to those in Chicago or Detroit. At least our teachers can read and for the most part so can the students.

This grading system is just another tool to help schools see where they stand in comparison to other Utah schools. The last grading system was far to complicated to make any sense of. Maybe this can be looked at as a little incentive to look for improvement?

It could also help parents looking for a private school find one that makes the grade?

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