They, the builders: 75 photos celebrating the people who helped create a state

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Courtesy of the Utah State Historical Society
Men do some cement work in a trench along a street in the Avenues during a Salt Lake City sewer construction project.
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Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Breathtaking. Brings back precious memories. Kudos to the Deseret News.

Nana Sid
West Jordan, UT

Excellent photograph series. But, where are the women? Certainly there are photos of women who worked to create the state also.


These are very interesting photos - I love seeing this kind of history from everyday life. However, could you please give us the dates they were taken?

Bountiful, UT

Re Nana Sid

A few decades ago not all professions were open to women. This is why all the People in the pictures are men. Even today there aren't that many women construction workers.

It used to be when there was construction on roadways the signs Men At work'.

Goshen, UT

A question. Why is there not even one single photo of Geneva steel or even Ironton steel before that? You showed Pikes Peak in Colorado but not a picture of the steel industry in Utah? It was a vital source of income for many utah county workers from 1944 to 2002.

Keith Of Utah
Roy, UT

@NanaSid, Picture 54 & 60 had women in them for sure, and a couple others I saw strong suspects for women in the pictures... Why is it, there is always a complaining Liberal with everything mentioned in the Deseret News? Can't anyone just enjoy the fact of the Rich History involved in building the state? Look behind the scenes, most of the clothing on the men, made in part or mostly, by women, educated men, by the women, their mothers made them the Men they became, not to mention their wives! It's called behind the scenes! We don't hear those associated with the Moon Landing saying, Where is "my" picture... They are glad to be a part and a silent part, anyone with brains knows the three astronauts didn't build the rocket and didn't go to the moon alone, they had help, even down to the taxpayer who contributed a mere few cents contributed to putting man on the moon in the 1960's, everyone knows that... Women have a huge part in this state and it's founding... without them, there would be no men to have done anything, sheesh....

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