20 things you didn't know about Disney theme parks

Published: Monday, Aug. 19 2013 11:50 p.m. MDT

This week marks 59 years since Walt Disney opened the gates to Disneyland on July 17, 1955.

Although many people are familiar with the rides and shows today, visitors probably don't know about some of Disney's best-kept secrets.

From spontaneous performances to “magic moment” certificates, the Disney theme parks have perks for all to enjoy.

The parks have books written about some of their secrets, including "The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World: Over 600 Secrets of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom" and "Mouse Tales: A Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland."

Check out this list to learn more about just a few of Disney's secrets.

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Taylorsville, UT

Unfortunately, you can't wake up Tink anymore. I used to work in that shop and it's been gone now for over 3 years. They made it into a photo studio for the girls who get their hair done at the bibbidy boppity boutique. I am still upset that it's gone as it was the best shop to work in, and the most magical thing to help call Tink into the store! I will never forget the looks on guest's faces as Tink flew into the shop and waved to the guests!

las vegas, NV

It is true about not being able to wear a costume if you are an adult. Only kids can dress up if they buy a costume inside. However, it says adults can dress up on Halloween which is not true! We went and still couldn't get in until we changed.

Taylorsville, UT


Adults can dress up for the special halloween parties they have. They are a lot of fun but cost extra! As a cast member I even had to pay, but I went twice!

Taylorsville, UT


Adults can dress up for the special halloween parties they have. They are a lot of fun but cost extra! As a cast member I even had to pay, but I went twice!

Buena Vista, VA

I sent in a comment joking that the cats they release at night to catch mice might eat Mickey or Minnie mouse. I also suggested that I would like this article in a printer friendly format. And my comment was denied, because it was "off topic or disruptive." Definitely not either off topic or disruptive. It was both about the content of the article, and also a suggestion that this same article be formatted printer friendly. Maybe the reviewers are just upset that I keep asking for these "list" articles be put in printer friendly format. I've actually been amazed lately at some name calling comments that get through, and about this comment that didn't.


"Hidden Tunnels" are NOT in every branch of Walt Disney World. ...Only the Magic Kingdom.

Mission Viejo, CA

The cats are actually not released every night. They are free to walk around the park all the time. Herding all the cats at the end of the night would be impossible. They simply do what cats do during the day; they find a quiet place to sleep. I have seen one or two hanging around the Hungry Bear Restaurant, but in addition to all the rodents they find, Disney keeps them well fed so they don't beg for food. The birds, on the other hand, are quite bold. Ever since Cinderella, they think they're people.
And yes, adults can wear costumes during the special Halloween parties which also has the best fireworks. Last year one of the nights of the parties was too windy to fire of the fireworks and because it's not safe to remove them from the tubes once loaded, the regular guests got a special treat the next night.

American Fork, UT

The morse code sounds are not at the entrance to Frontierland but rather at the New Orleans train station. There is talk that the message was originally lewd comments until Walt informed the employees responsible for the morse code message that his wife, Lillian, was a morse code operator back in the day, so it was changed to the first and third sentences of Walt's Opening Day speech: TO ALL WHO COME TO DISNEYLAND, WELCOME. HERE AGE RELIVES FOND MEMORIES OF THE PAST, AND HERE YOUTH MAY SAVOR THE CHALLENGE AND PROMISE OF THE FUTURE. The code being part of Walt's Opening Day speech is true. Also, The Disney Company does not, in fact, own the two parks in Tokyo, but rather leases out the brand information, etc. to The Oriental Land COmpany. Walt Disney Imagineering did build the Tokyo Disneyland Park but Tokyo Disneyland and its sister park, Tokyo DisneySea, are the only parks not completely or partially owned by The Disney Company.

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