BYU football: 10 newcomers are set to contribute immediately for the Cougars this fall

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13 2013 7:04 p.m. MDT

PROVO — A week and a half into fall camp, several newcomers have started to emerge on BYU's football team.

In particular, a handful of players have established themselves as likely contributors — if not heavy contributors — this fall.

These new guys have played well and subsequently have received praise from coaches. They also play at positions pinpointed as potential trouble spots prior to the start of fall camp, which makes their emergence timely and necessary.

Offensive line was widely pronounced as a potential trouble spot heading into the season, and the group received a lot of scrutiny as a result. Five incoming players are vying for playing time along the O-line — with two of those five recently receiving praise from coaches.

Other positions where newcomers are set to make immediate impacts are at both cornerback positions, nose tackle and at kicker, where both Trevor Samson and Moose Bingham are battling incumbent Justin Sorensen.

So which players are set to make immediate contributions this season and what can fans expect?

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

When a program has to depend on multiple newcomers... It's the sign of program in deep trouble.

South Jordan, UT

Yeah, anybody who doesn't injure himself can qualify for this list.

West Point , UT

BYU and Utah have the same number of returning starters. Many in BYUs 2 deep are Sophs or higher, with 1 or more letters. This tends to be the case on every college football team across the country. This is why there are Frosh stars every year at a far more frequent pace than ever before. What exactly was your point, other than trying to disparage BYU and unknowingly the rest of college football in your ill-conceived attempt? Did u miss the Utah new comers list? Oh wait, you're never on Utah articles, my bad.

Omaha, NE

Yes Howard, a team up north lost most of its defense. Must stink to be a program deep in trouble up there. 4 wins would be a good season for them.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe. Remember though, that BYU has veterans like Cody Hoffman and other veterans returning who will be contributing. I don't think that the Cougars are in trouble at all--they are on the verge of a history-making season that people will remember for years to come!

Raleigh, NC

Guess Howard hasn't seen the u's list of 10 newcomers. #10 is the long snapper.

Poplar Grove, UT

You know there are around 85 guys on scholarship and another 30-40 on the team. If you have 125 guys and 25% graduate that's about 30 players a year that leave your team. Of course you'll have to get new guys, and if your doing a good job recruting then the probably can play. I bet if you look at ever D-1 team they have at least a position or two where they are starting or playing heavy minutes to newcomers.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

Howard, multiple injuries during preseason is not something new to any team in America, and can't easily be predicted. Your utes could educate you all about that if you'd bother following them as closely as you do BYU.

So you might want to think a comment through more carefully before attempting to denegrate BYU's program as being in deep trouble due to circumstances beyond their control. The team obviously has some problems to solve because of those circumstances, but the program is fine.

I predict there will be some unpolished diamonds discovered this year.

But you Howie, can at least hope, and then hope some more that these recent problems will make BYU look more human come September, 21.

West Jordan, UT

BYU Fans are so hostile in this article! I can't imagine if Chris B. were to comment on this one.

It will be interesting to see how the corners for Utah and BYU pan out for the game on Sep. 21st. Both sides will be inexperienced going up against very talented Wide Receivers in Hoffman, Apo, Matthews and Scott and Dres on the other side. effective play in the corner spot could be a huge factor for that game.

Go UTES!!!

South Jordan, UT

RU08 Then U stay off our site so we don't have to use defense against your incessant tackles on our players and team.

Go Cougars!

Hyrum, UT

To RedUtes08:

Please notice that once again, the first few people to comment to another sports BYU article are ute trolls with negative remarks. And as always, they jump into a defensive mode regarding a very good article BYU article. There are apparently some pretty paranoid Ute "fans' (Howard S and wer in this case) who seem to live constant fear of the Cougar program.

Perhaps I'm not giving them enough credit. It could be they have the gift of sport prophecy (or foreboding) and realize what will be happening to their falling Utes in a month. That would be enough to scare any troll into defensiveness regarding anything BYU, and thus feel the need to criticize while they still can... before rivalry game day exposes them.

It would be nice if Howard S would show enough confidence in his utes to make the same promise as Chris B... to not post on any BYU articles for the rest of the season if (actually when) the Cougars beat the utes on September 21st. How about it, Howie?

West Jordan, UT


Obviously you took my comment in a negative way. it really was not meant to be demeaning in any way. All I said was, if Chris B. commented instead of howie, (Stuff) would have hit the fan! (No Pun intended) The comment from Howie wasn't even very insulting, I thought.

It's really hard to help lighten up the environment on these comment boards becuase of 1.) Ruthless trolls who stalk the articles and 2.) Fans who get so offended by the littlest things!

And if you notice, in my first comment, I did not say anything that would be insulting, or rude about BYU at all.

Why is it that us fans care about the Rivalry more than probably the teams do?

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@RedUtes08 "Why is it that us fans care about the Rivalry more than probably the teams do?"

With due respect to you, at least you are asking an honest question; and this is where the drivel we (BYU fans) read and hear almost every day (from the haters) falls flat and is exposed as a lie.

There are a good number of ute fans who post habitually to articles about BYU (Howard and Chris being the standard bearers). And there is one common element/sentiment in their posts that, if turned into a short statement, would be something like:

"We don't need the rivalry game.
We don't want the rivalry game.
We are better than BYU.
We've moved on.
But we can't leave BYU alone."

And I would add the one last statement to that list

"And we don't have the pedigree to prove the third statement"

The rivalry game is good for in state fans.

The haters hang their right to gloat on the one game; even in years when, after the rivalry game is over, one team recovers and returns to winning and the other does not.

West Point , UT

You seem like a reasonable guy. The problem is some of your ute brothers are not. Howie's statement probably wasn't that incindiary but it's all the posts he and Chris B make on every article about a team they supposedly don't care about that starts to get a rise out of BYU fans. I apologize if my statements seemed virulent, I was just giving Howie back some of his own medicine. BYU fans like me appreciate reasonable ute fans like yourself and love posting and ribbing with guys like u, so keep posting. Cheers.

West Jordan, UT

@Surf is up & @Cougsndawgs,

I absolutely understand your frustrations. Even us real, die hard (classy) Ute fans can't stand the ignorance of the Utah trolls who just posts things to get a rise out of BYU fans. It seems that our human nature is, no matter how much we hate reading stupid posts from trolls, We can't get enough of reading the ridiculous commentary given by such classless people (and it happens on both sides).

I love talking trash and the feeling of Rivalry, but there is a line between class and just straight up rudeness and hateful arguing. Hopefully we can find ways to lighten up these comment boards and get rid of those trolls who stalk the D-news webpage!



"Why is it that us fans care about the Rivalry more than probably the teams do?"

I don't think that's true but, it may seem that way because the players and coaches are busy preparing for Week One.

The rivalry will remain in tact for a few more years but, if the power conferences depart the NCAA and BYU hasn't found a seat...that will be the end of it.

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