Breaking down the fall camp status of Utah's NFL players

Published: Monday, Aug. 12 2013 1:08 a.m. MDT

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Number of former Utah players who headed to training camps: 30

Number of NFL teams who started training camp with a former Ute on their roster: 16

Team with the most former Utah players: Miami Dolphins with 5
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Spanish Fork, UT

I'm perplexed. No doubt Utah has had better players than BYU -- 30 in the NFL vs. 14 (and a number of those are outside chances to stick). So why most years if Utah wins (besides the 54-10 implosion) are they squeekers. I'd like with NFL talent like the Utes have, every year would be a blow out for them. Is BYU overperforming, out-coaching or are the Utes great as individuals but weak as a team?


Nice try trolling, or maybe your memory is a little shaky. In the last 11 years Utah has blown out BYU 3 times, in the same time period BYU has one only 3 times total and those were all squeakers, Utah won the rest (each team has won one game in overtime).
Over the last 11 years "if Utah wins", it's by an average of 15 points. And when BYU has won it has been by an average of 4 points. So who only wins by squeakers?
As to your question about out-coaching, its by opinion that yes, BYU did out-coached Utah last year. That's why they were able to come back and give the Utes a scare despite the superior athletes at the U.

Spanish Fork, UT

Stifle the name-calling Jdub. But you helped to prove the point. If Utah was that great, they should have gone undefeated -- or at least something like BYU has done to Utah State over the same period. I think USU beat them once, had a few narrow victories and a lot of blow outs. Winning by "average of 15" when the 54-10 and the perfect Ala. season blowouts are included doesn't speak well for having had so many NFL athletes. It still doesn't add up. Yes, BYU has won on last second heroics. But superior athletes of Utah should never have let it be that close.

I can only figure that BYU either was 1) more up for the games and adrenelin helped (that's silly because both get way too high), 2) better coaching (I don't buy that either), 3) the talent difference might be just enough to get the Utes into the NFL but on balance the teams are fairly evenly matched. I think it is #3.

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Star Lotulelei....not impressive to the point of being mundane. Ziggy Ansah is the real deal. Playing next to Suh will give him at least 10 sacks in his rookie season.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Happy to see Aggies having an impact at the next level!

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