Predicting the 2011 NBA Draft, 1-14

Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 3:08 p.m. MDT

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Irving missed much of his freshman year at Duke with injury, but he still averaged 17.5 points and 4.3 assists per game. He's got the size, speed and shooting ability to be a starting point guard in the NBA for a long time. Cleveland needs help at every position, so this is a good start.
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Calgary, AB

hm.. not very original, basicly copy from ESPN and Draftexpress.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry Layton, wrong pick at #4 - Kanter won't slip by the Cavs at #4.

South Jordan, UT

I have been saying for some time now that Jimmer needs to go out of state. Phoenix would be perfect! This would be the perfect place for Jimmer. To learn under Steve Nash on how to play the game? Jimmer could not ask for a better scenario.

Saying that....If Jimmer becomes an incredible NBA player, I don't know how the Jazz would ever, ever explain on how they passed on him. The signs are all there that this kid can play the game. That He is a very special player! I almost feel that the Jazz are about to miss on something that is about to shake the NBA and sports world.

BYU Girl
Kearns, UT

We want Jimmer! We want Jimmer! We want Jimmer!......

Smithfield, UT

The Jazz will take Kanter at 3. Jimmer may not even be available at 12, but they should take him. 12th picks don't usually pan out to be unbelievable players in the NBA. It is worth the risk to take Jimmer. I really believe that there is racism in the NBA. If Jimmer were black, with the same abilities, he would be drafted higher.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Not very original? He should go find a new set of guys that will fill the top 14 spots in the draft? I don't think originality is the key here, solid reasoning is.

I think the Jazz will surprise and take Kanter at #3 if they don't trade up to #2 and take Williams. They always play things close to the vest.

It is a year ripe for a lot of trades. I expect draft-day chaos but you can't put that in a mock draft very well.

Spanish Fork, UT

Why do continue to use this format? I hate having to click on each individual person. It is impossible to remember where each one is. Why not just give us a list with the comments. If you want to save space, make the picture available from a click. I like the lists, but not the format.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can see Knight at 3 for the Jazz but Singlton at 12 not sure where that came from. My pick would also be Kanter at 3, if he showed well in the workouts, and then whoever is left from the stable of point, combo and shooting. I also agree with the trade to get to #2. That could happen.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

If I could click on RationalPlease's comment 100 times, I would. Hate this format.

Providence, UT

Knight and Singleton would be perfect!

Mc Kinney, TX

If Jimmer turns out to be like Nash, Utah will never forgive O'Connor.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Why do the Jazz have to play inside out. They are so predictable. The other teams clog the middle intentionally so they have to shoot from the outside, and they do not have a Jason Terry type outside shooter. Who do they have nobody.

Ah well another year of 99 points a game while the others score 100 +.

I will root for the Suns this year.

Mesa, AZ

@BlueSaint at 417pm, Exactly, you'd think that local teams would have a clue, but they don't. They fear the obvious because they would lose their jobs if it doesn't pan out, so 'better not take the local favorite', ie--Houston Texans passing on native son Vince Young. They could have filled Reliant Stadium for years.

American Fork, UT

So Burks is not a lottery pick huh? I don't know if I agree with that. He's not great but I think he'll fall 9-14 range. I doubt any lower than that

Saint George, UT

The Jazz will trade their 3 pick down and draft either Jimmer or Walker. They will then get a 2 or 3 with the number 12 pick. When they trade down they will bargin for an early 2nd round pick which they will use to collect a big man.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Making my reservations for Phoenix to see some NBA action.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Morgan Duel, the Jazz were 14th offensively.

Zoniezoobie, Vince Young has a career 75.7 rating. Hardly a reason for the Texans to rethink the draft.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Jimmer will be a very special player in the way that Adam Morrison was a very special player.


The Jazz will continue to be also rans if they fail to fill two serious shortcomings. A surefire guard who will nail the three consistently pulling the opponents out of the lane and a big powerful man who can pull down the rebounds and play as a true power forward. Passing on Enos Kanter and Jimmer Fredette means that they will miss out on the perfect opportunity to nail those needs. We drafted a great point guard a few years back but now that he has moved on we need a Jimmer to take his place. Brandon Knight is another also ran or he would have won some of the major awards that Jimmer swept.


Taking Chris Singleton when Jimmer is still available would be proof that the Jazz will continue their tradition of poor draft choices. Color is no guarantee of success, even in the NBA. After the NBA finals would you rather have Dirk or Lebron on your team, even if Dwayne Wade is thrown in for free.

Houston, TX

Before KOC drafts anyone he needs to decide what offense he is going to run and built the team around that.

Longer and more athletic is nice and necessary but there is a big difference in offensive philosophy among the Inside/Out game of ORL built around Howard, the now dead triangle of Jackson (Jordan/Kobe super guard), the fun and gun of PHO and the semi dead Sloan flex.

They each require different ideal types of players at each of the 5 positions.

How much of the flex are they going to run?

Right now the Jazz are built around AJ because he was available when Boozer left. AND Harris because he was part of the DWill trade. The rest are young players like Hayward and Favors who have individual promise or hold overs from the Sloan era.

It is a mish mash that is not built around a coherent approach of either offense or defense.

AJ is one of the best low post players, Millsap is a journeyman PF, AK is leaving. CJ is a Sloan project. Everyone else is new or expendable.

Decide on an offense. Then get the right players for each position.

Layton Shumway

Good comments, everyone. I agree that there's a strong possibility that the Jazz will take Enes Kanter at 3 and Jimmer at 12. Kanter definitely has some question marks, though. And taking another offensively talented but defensively iffy big man could be a problem for a team that already contains Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. (But I love the idea of pairing Kanter with Derrick Favors.)

All bets are off in this year's draft, though. It's gonna be interesting.

Riverton, UT

RationalPlease, you are right on, and thank you for mentioning it. We see this kind of list contraption at various web sites. Why? So we can make a two-minute article take much longer and seem much more tedious?

Houston, TX

Are the Jazz going to build around AJ (low post player) on the left side and Favors (typical Sloan Flex PF) on the right? That can be a variation of the flex and it could work well if the rest of the team is designed for it.

Are the Jazz going to build around Harris (slasher and with weak distribution)? In that case they need a SG who can shoot and distribute. In DWill they had just the opposite, a PG who shot and distributed with a non shooting SG.

The Jazz are a mess right now and they will stay that way if KOC just adds parts who are good players instead of deciding on an offensive system and then getting the players who will maximize it.

If KOC goes best player in the draft then he has to trade again for players who fit the system.

First KOC needs to tell the fans what system he thinks he is trying to create.

Getting more talent is great but don't just hand Corbin parts and expect him to make up a system that will fit the parts.

A system has to have all the right parts working together.

Orem, Utah

How many more times will the players and owners talk before the draft? Will there be an inkling of whether a hard cap might happen?

This will definitely affect the draft, and how much trading happens.

So, mock drafts this year are likely to be bad guesses.

My take is that if the Jazz can't get who they want at 3, they'll do something to minimize this year's draft damage. I don't think they'll let this opportunity go to waste.

It's been awhile since they had a 3 pick (D-Will). Doesn't come along very often, although they might get lucky again next year. And, next year might have a much better selection of really good bigs.

That could enter into who they select at 3, and maybe even 12. Such as two PGs!

Orem, Utah

Remember, the Jazz only have ONE point guard on payroll. They might bring Watson back (they should), but they like to carry at least three.

And, if they can trade Harris for a higher draft spot than 3 or 12, they'd need to draft two PGs, then just let the chips fall where they may as the two rookie PGs battle for the starting position. Could be fun!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Feel bad for the Suns getting jimmered.

Loomis, CA

Sacramento won't be taking Leonard. They already have a glut of athletic young SF's who have no range on their shot. And they have Tyreke Evans who is a slasher looking to take it to the whole on every possession. They are in deserate need of a shooter to spread the floor. Look for Jimmer to be taken at #7.

Frisco, TX

I hope this prediction is accurate. Even though I'm a Jazz fan, I'd like to see him play for a team where he has two or three years to develop his NBA skills before being counted on to be a major contributor. Playing being Nash, he'd get 10 - 15 minutes per game to show what he can do before taking over the PG position down the road.

rock springs, wy

The Jazz will draft anybody but Jimmer at #3; Jimmer will go to Sacramento at #7 where he will be a superstar who makes great assists, plays great defense and shoots the lights out. The Jazz will spend the next five years looking for a decent point guard and wondering why they passed on Jimmer. Many of the fans who might have come to see Jimmer play in Salt Lake will watch Sacramento on television and sell out Energy Solutions or whatever they call that place when Jimmer comes to town. And, there will be more Jimmer jerseys sold in Salt Lake than in Sacramento. Go figure.

Idaho Falls, ID

Comments in here are a joke. Forget the draft and go get somebody that is proven and get rid of AK. Not hard to figure out. The Jazz have tremendous youthful talent. Go get somebody that can coach the big guys, get a big guy or two. Hard to say but go ahead and get Jimmer and then do some trading.
My humble oppinion and please Mom, don't read that I want Jimmer on the team. It will be ok in the end!

Providence, UT


No one in Salt Lake is going to go out and buy one of those ugly purple jerseys. Especially, when the name on the back sounds like a poor name for a H.S. drill team.

It's a good thing we won't have to worry about seeing those ugly jerseys around town though, because unless the Kings GM has a Wyoming education, they will take Kemba, Leonard, Thompson, etc.

Lehi, UT

I too hate the format and DN has been using it too much.

At least give us a final list with everything on it. It's difficult to recall the entire list in order by the time we get to the end. Or just eliminate the format altogether. It may look cool, but it's not user-friendly.

Houston, TX

Whether or not the Jazz should take Jimmer, Knight, Kanter, or Williams or anybody else depends entirely on

1. Do they fit the position they are ask to play within the system that is being built by design. If there is no design just getting more talent is not likely to produce a championship.

2. Can they be traded for an ideal player who does fit the system?

Both Jimmer and Knight are versatile enough they can play PG but also spot duty at SG.

Further, the Jazz run best when they have 2 PGs at guard. Hayward is not a PG but he has distributive skills. A 3 guard rotation of Hayward, Knight and Jimmer would be powerful. However, there may be better combinations.

I would like to know the system KOC/Corbin plan for the Jazz.

Is it a twin tower (AJ/Favors) low post C with a high post PF run by two shooting distributive PGs? What does the SF look like? Is he a tall defensive rebounder who can shoot 3s? Or is he a slasher/defensive type?

Is AJ gone because of defense? Is the C a defensive one?

What is KOC building?

Orem, UT

If the Jazz pick Jimmer I will never cheer for them until he ends up getting traded after 4 years for never doing a thing in the NBA which will happen. Get a true center and a fast guard. Jimmer can shoot so can JJ and he has been a dissapointment of a diaper dandee. AVOID JIMMER O`Conner and get a new coach. Steve Nash is overated as well. bye

Morgan, UT

Nice try Layton Shumway, but you will only get two of your picks right...you can take it to the bank.

Malibu, CA

Hey Numer35--what planet are you living on??? Do you know anything remotely related to basketball??

First, don't ever and I repeat ever compare the talents of JF To JJ....are you serious? Did you actually watch JJ while at Duke? Rhetorical....it's intuitively obvious you did not. He had to come off 4-5 screens just to get an open look--he could not create his own shot then and still can't as a pro. His IQ, shot (yes,even his shot/range), penetration/creating and passing skills, etc. are nowhere in the same league as JF. I refuse to go any further as this is such a waste of time even commenting on the comparison.

Second, Steve Nash is overrated huh? Really? He has had an all-star career--please, please look it up yourself. Don't base this solely on championships or you would be lumping Malone, Barkley, Stock and many other greats in this same category. Please don't post such nonsense..you should be very embarrassed by your post.

DN, I feel strongly about the above so please allow this to go through and post. Thank you.

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

If LHM was still around, you can bet he would ensure the Jazz would find a way to get Jimmer...

Salt Lake City, UT

If the Jazz pass on Jimmer and he is there for both picks, they are just plain stupid!! Not because I think Jimmer is better than everyone else. I think he will be a solid nba player. The problem is that two guys from the SEC and ACC are not going to want to be in Utah long term. If you pick them the picks are wasted for that reason--they will be gone in 3 years. Choose Jimmer and if he becomes a good player then you made a good pick. If he becomes a great player it is a bonus.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

take Jimmer (if available) at #12 or you will regret it and who will stay around and play hard?

Malibu, CA

@SLDAD-you bring up a very valid and brutally honest point. The Jazz brass have to be extremely honest w/ themselves when selecting anyone to come to Utah and play. You are so right when you stated if they will even want to be around in future years. The league and players have changed--there is no loyalty or old school thought like in the days of Malone and Stockton. It's sad but true.

I like the chances of JF staying around a lot better than Knight or Kanter. Knight has a silent cockiness about him. I mean he didn't want to go up against Walker or JF in the workouts because he is "holding out" for Irving who he deems as the best (or equal to him:) PG in the draft. He is probably right but don't go public with that crap. You know what I mean???? Hey I'm sure Knight is a good kid but I don't see him wanting to be in Utah long-term; if I'm wrong I will eat every word..Can't go thru that again..nevertheless, thanks for the post as no one even thinks about it--including me:) Go Jazz...

Houston, TX

BPA as an approach (a theory) has merit. However, it results in a number of talented players who do not fit your system (if you have one). It also assumes you will trade all players who do not fit your system.

At this point it is not clear that the Jazz have a system ANYMORE.

Sloan was successful for years in a small market because he had a system and only got players who fit it. That explains much of the past success. He stressed continuity because he knew he could ride the system and it took time to fit players into the system.

He had several variations of the flex but he forced players to fit or they went.

Right now the Jazz are a collage of players who

1.KOC could get out of expediency. (Favors is the one exception).

2. were left over from Sloan.

Now if KOC drafts BPA he will get good players who do not fit a particular system. He should then trade to get players who are ideal for the Corbin system derived from the Sloan flex.

That means shuffling a lot of players to get ideal ones for a championship.

Houston, TX

My big concern is that without Sloan KOC will just get the best players available but have no system.

He will ABANDON the FLEX altogether because the players he got do not fit (collectively) any system. There are many teams out there that have no system. They rarely win championships unless you spend 90 Million like Cuban of DAL.

That approach will not work for the small market Jazz.

Corbin is a new coach. He will not stand up to KOC. He will just try to get the most of the collage. That will not work well.

For the sake of the franchise the Jazz have to stay with some variation of the flex and get the Best Players for that version.

KOC needs to trade ALL players (including new BPA draft picks) who do not fit the new variation of the flex. AJ is already a major divergence. So is Harris.

Greg has to understand that the Jazz have to have the right system and the discipline to make it work.

KOC needs to explain what system he is implementing.

Who he drafts has to fit that system or they are only an asset to be traded.

Houston, TX

Jimmer was highly selective in which teams he would workout for as they were teams he fit.

Kemba said the Jazz did things differently here and their sets were different. Their offense was different.

It has been reported that Knight was not sure he wanted to get drafted by the Jazz partly because of the type of offense they ran. He was not sure if he fit it that well. That is one reason he wanted a private workout.

It has been reported that the Jazz interest in Kanter is mainly as a trade asset. I am not sure Kanter fits that well but my understanding of the Jazz system may not be Corbin's or KOC's if they are even developing one.

Williams is essentially Millsap (with a CA attitude) with more potential to play SF part time.

BPA is going to lead to players who do not fit well or duplicate existing players. That means trades.

I am fine with that. My bigger fear is that KOC won't trade. He will just sit on less than ideal players and force Corbin to ruin the system by morphing it to fit the players KOC got because they are available.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Taking Chris Singleton when Jimmer is still available would be proof that the Jazz will continue their tradition of poor draft choices. Color is no guarantee of success, even in the NBA"

Uh, it has nothing to do with color and everything to do with the fact that this mock draft said the Jazz would take a PG with their first pick which would make taking Jimmer terribly dumb.

Layton, UT

I love Kanter and I am sure that the Cavs are going to grab him. I hope that the Jazz are smart and impress us again. I really want to see Jimmer here. I think that we can turn him into a 2 if we grab Knight. I just am excited to see what happens next year and hope that we do not have a lock out.

Calgary, AB

Why you people are so high on Kanter? He had done nothing so far. Yeah big wide kid with post offense and no effort on defense... sounds painfully familiar. Why we would need another post up guy? I thought we have Jefferson and Favors filling those roles. What Jazz need is hustling, high energy, long defensive center - and Valanciunas fits it like nobody in last 3 years. Plus kid shoots FT at 90% and is best pick and roll finisher in this draft. Next year we are not competing for championship, we need to look 3 years from now. And he will be monster at that time. Mark my words.

Aurora, CO

IF the Jazz take a big at 3 AND the Kings take Jimmer at 7, what PG is available at 12 for the Jazz?

Salt Lake City, UT

Where's Burk on this board? If the Jazz have a chance at Burk, they need to take him (though I don't think I would mind Singleton...with Singleton, Jefferson, and Favors, the Jazz would have a pretty potent frontcourt defense).

the boonies, mexico

Trade the picks for young proven veterans and include Bell, Milsap, Miles and a sign and trade for A.K. Elson, Price, Watson, get walking papers. Sign Fess only under the condition of his fitness at signing time, and keep the offer low. Lets develop Favors, Hayward and Evans and get a couple of perimeter defenders on the wings that can also shoot! No more rookies "PLEASE"!

President Joker
Washington, DC


So Millsap was a poor choice?

Brewer was a poor choice?

Deron Williams was a poor choice?

Eric Maynor was a poor choice?

Jermey Evans was a poor choice?

Kirilenko Was a poor choice?

Hayward was a poor choice? As far as I know, there wasn't anybody taken after him that amounted to anything and they didn't lead their teams to a win in LA either or hold Kobe to 6/18.

Mo Williams was a poor choice?

Kris Humphries was a poor choice?

If these are poor draft choices, I would just love to see who you would've drafted. 3 years ago Deron and Brewer were the only lottery picks on the team. So I think the Jazz must've done real good when it came to draft selections.

President Joker
Washington, DC

Jimmer will be jimmered by the Jazz everytime they play him and all you fairweather unloyal cougarfans can just go cry in your oatmeal.

Lehi, UT

Best comparison for Jimmer is Jeff Hornacek
I really hope Jimmer is available at #12, yet I think Sacramento's going to take Jimmer at #7, KOC or KFC, Kaetner#3 Jimmer #12,

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

@DougChee. Please don't make this a race issue, your comment makes absolutely no sense. If anything your argument would be going against you because Jimmer is white. They'll pick Singleton over Jimmer because they're going to go with Knight at the 3 pick and they need a small forward and defense more than a shooting point guard with no defense, it's that simple.

Lehi, UT

Trade up to #2 and take Derrick Williams, F, Arizona
"Jazz Doctor Prescribed"

Lehi, UT

the only way I would put Fez on the roster is if he paid back his last 2 years earnings (to play) then I would put him in the concession stand selling popcorn, (even though the concession stand would take a loss for the year) because Fez would mistakenley eat the $'s generated

Vernal, UT

DNews, I think you're way off on this one. I think the Jazz are going to go big with #3, and there's no way they take Singleton at #12 - there are too many questions about his moral character. The Jazz need scoring help from the backcourt, and Jimmer would by far be the best option for that. If he's there at #12, I say you HAVE to take him. Half of your fan base might mutiny if you don't. Then again, if you do take him, the other half of your fan base might mutiny because they're still whining about how Jimmer dropped 47 on them in the Huntsman Center. Ah well, better to anger the half who are whiners and get a scorer I say!

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: ColoJazzFan
"IF the Jazz take a big at 3 AND the Kings take Jimmer at 7, what PG is available at 12 for the Jazz?"

Josh Shelby (Kansas) is a PG the Knicks (17) are looking at if they can't trade up to get Jimmer.

Or maybe shooting guard Alec Burks (Colorado) would be a good pick.

Madison, Ohio

Jimmer #1 to the Cavaliers. A girl can dream, right?

Provo, UT

I understand the reason byu fans want JF here but the jazz will need to emphasize defense. Knight and Singleton mock selections are pretty good defensively. Singleton and Hayward can be the SF/SG combo with length. This will be a fun draft. Can't wait.

Petaluma, CA

bismack has NO GAME aside from what comes naturally, being a big guy. Please no. low scorer, non-existent passing game. Please, no. Warriors, dont do it, please.
Oh, I remember, the Warriors have Jerry West to help make the personnel decisions.
Nevermind. this is not happening, in a million years.

Lehi, UT

Calgary, why are we so high on Kanter?

Kentucky Coach John Calipari, on his own blog, responding to a question about whether he'd take Knight or Kanter from his team first went one step further and proclaimed that Enes Kanter should be the #1 overall pick this year-

"Enes is who I would pick at No. 1. Heres why: he can truly be a dominating kind of player; he can be a Karl Malone-type big man. As the league gets smaller (size-wise) his ability to dominate his position will grow. Hes got a position and a true size. If he doesnt go No. 1 he will go shortly thereafter and the teams that passed on him will look back and wince at that decision."

Draper, UT

As much as I love Jimmer, having a lock down defender like Singleton would be a real asset in the West in defending guys like Kobe and in the Finals (if the Jazz ever return) to defend guys like LeBron, Paul Pierce, etc.

I can see the wisdom of picking Chris if they've already picked a PG in Brandon Knight with their 1st pick. Jimmer going to Phoenix might be a blessing in disguise for him. They are a great fit for his skill set.

Calgary, AB

Lehi, I read what Calipari is saying - of course he is promoting him, he also said Knight is next Stockton... I also read what Givony had to say after watching 4 films on Kanters game from high school - lazy, no effort on defense, constantly scored on by smaller kids. I am effort guy, you just can't fake that! Thats why I am Valanciunas fan - he gives you 200% effort on every play. And being 7ft tall and 7'6 wingspan and shooting 90% FT helps as well. I really hope Jazz are looking 2-3 years ahead and not for next season only...

Los Angeles, CA

With recent rumors, there are some potentially good and viable trade options.

Jazz right now have 7 players under contract for $52M. Team has a $3.7M option for CJ for next season (he would be 8th player).

Option 1-
1st- If Jazz want Knight, trade #3pick and Bell for Cavs#4, Sessions and Erden or 31st pick.

2nd- DHarris for Portland's Miller and Batum. Then, drop Miller's non-guaranteed contract and use $8M in free agency.
PG-Sessions, Knight, FA(Watson)
SG- FA, Hayward, FA(CJ, draftee)
SF- Batum, Hayward
PF- Favors, Millsap, Evans
C- AJ, Okur, Erden

Option 2-
Trade Okur and #3 pick to Sixers for Iguadola and #16 pick. Don't sign CJ, and use the $4M towards free agent.
PG- Harris, FA (Watson, draftee)
SG- Iguadola, Hayward
SF- Hayward, FA/Draftee
PF- Favors, Sap, Evans
C- AJ, FA/Draftee

Summerville, SC

@ LAJazzFan IF you are talking trades, trade as much as this hurts me to say this milsap and the 3rd pick to the wizards for mcgee and the 6th pics and 18th picks in the draft.

Orem, Utah

I read from another comment source that Jimmer shot 85% against Kemba, who shot 35% against Jimmer, and that Jimmer's defense frustrated Kemba.

He also claimed one scout at the Jazz workout said Jimmer is good enough to be a #1 pick this year.

I have yet to find where the commenter got this info. Has anyone else seen this?

Las Vegas, NV

Anti Bush-OBama: Hear Hear! I have been saying that all along. I can't believe people are throwing out the "Nash - Dimmer" comments. Way too soon. History has shown that the "Morrison - Dimmer" comparison is much more likely. Recent (last 20 years) of whY history indicates the same result.

Go Jazz! Take Dimmer in the first round? Fredette about it!!

West Jordan, UT

Yep! Gonna be a Suns fan, man!! Cause Jimmer's gonna take his dominant attitude, and game and progress it not only to the next level, but to the elite level! No question (pay attention to the statements and non-verbals of the REAL authorities about his game--coaching staff of those teams--except the Jazz--for whom he auditioned, i.e. see especially Larry Bird's take on his game in a related article in today's DesNews.

Baloney if you buy into the belief he doesn't have any speed. He was recruited by Penn State as a RECEIVER but chose basketball. Could NEVER image Penn State even whiffing at RECEIVER recruit running anything less than 4.5-4.6 in the 40! Savvy?) He's got sufficient speed, the confidence, and a ruthless progressive-side--in order to sufficiently learn to play the "D" in the big league... After all, much of the same was said about Bird himself!

Townsville, Queensland

Kanter seems to be a safer pick than Knight, and reliable centres are even harder to find than pgs. Kanter has incredible skills, size and body control for a guy who just turned 19... and he projects to board. I hope GS has a rough 'rebuilding' year so they give us a good lottery pick (but not better than seven, which is protected) next year. Basically, we're looking at four lottery picks in 2011 and 2012, which should place us well to move back into the playoffs in 2013 (unless Hayward, Favors and whoever we pick this year all have breakout seasons and we get back to the playoffs next year).

Lincoln City, OR

Jimmer will go at #7 to Sacramento. Mark it down.

West Jordan, UT

Re: Poyman--

OK. So I'll be a King's fan, now.

It's nothing short of pure pleasure to watch Jimmer utterly destroy the opposition. Though no analyst dare admit it--especially for a 'slow white guy', but the question is begging to be asked: When have we witnessed any player out of college possess such a complete array and arsenal of weapons as The Jimmer--and with consistently amazing performances under constant pressure from fans and media? What also seems to be lost on most people outside of this area--including the Jazz and of which is NEVER acknowledged, is--Jimmer was constantly DOUBLE and even TRIPLE-TEAMED, yet he still totally dismantled the opposition,scoring nearly 30 a night! Already can shoot the lights out much better than D-Will ever could, and is gonna learn to pass just as well or better and play the D at least par!
Yep, gonna be a rock star on the cherry-wood! And most who know him and his quietly fierce upside', can already clearly see the emerging world-class 'MichaelAngelo statue' in the making. And, yes, he WILL take his game, to the elite level, even in the NBA!!


Why is it etched in stone that the Jazz can't take two guards? If they take Knight and another guard is the best available at 12 (Jimmer or otherwise), they should take another guard. It's not like they don't have room for two more good ones.

West Jordan, Utah

Knight and Singleton sound good to me.

Irving and Williams should be gone by #3. Kanter will be a huge flop (watch and see).

Knight makes sense by default.

As for Singleton, his defense makes sense at the SF. Speaking of the SF position, Kawhi Leonard will be gone by #12. Who knows what will happen with AK 47 and free agency. Problem with AK, Singleton, and Leonard is that none in the bunch can shoot from the outside. It's like a Ronnie Brewer version of the SF (position switch).

The Jazz have Al Jefferson at the 5 spot. Hopefully Memo can come back and finish his career as a solid back up.

At PF the Jazz have Millsap and Favors. The latter could play some Center. Millsap is a stud but an undersized PF. Still the Jazz are stable in the front court.

Hayward will switch over and be the starting SG of the future. Can Miles be a back up? Will he be brought back at all? Yes there are questions at the SG, but I think the SF spot is the most pressing need.

The PG is uncertain, but Devin Harris and Brandon Knight are solid.

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