10 NBA players with Utah ties

Published: Wednesday, June 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

Stuart Johnson
An alphabetical look at 10 of many of the top NBA players who have roots or connections with the state of Utah. Leave comments for suggestions about other greats with Utah connections. Mike Whitmer is an avid sports fan who loves playing all sports with his grandkids. You can contact him at grundelwalken@gmail.com or visit his blog at mtwhitmer.blogspot.com
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Doctor J
Manti, UT

Did you ever hear of Danny Vranes??? Fred Roberts??? Greg Kite???
Keith Van Horn??? Michael Doleac???

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Bret Vroman??? Jeff Judkins??? Pearl Pollard???

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Jimmer Fredette???

Bountiful, UT

Ignore the criticism... Des News readers are just plain mean. If any of the above commentators put together a list it would have just as many omissions, if not more. Many can criticize, few can actually do the work and please everyone.

Gold Canyon, az

I agree with justhinkaboutit. It is just a list of 10 NBA players with Utah ties. It does not rank or intend to include all players with Utah ties. I appreciated learning about some of those players that came before my time. Thanks. In the future it will include Jimmer as a Hall of Famer who led his team to two NBA titles, while playing for the

Larry Curtis

Thanks readers for your comments and suggestions for other names. We just might make a further list based only on reader's suggestions. Vranes, Kite, Roberts and Judkins is a good start. Although, ranking them all would be very difficult and subjective but a fun exercise. Thanks for reading and commenting on Mr. Whitmer's list.

Las Vegas, NV

We old timers remember Billy "The Hill" McGill from the U OF U.

Provo, ut

wow, you really have to go back to the dark ages to dredge up 10 players?

Layton, UT

Really, you complain about KVH whom is on the list and Jimmer who has yet to play in the NBA? Try learning to read before commenting.

Ijamsville, MD

Jim Eakins is still considered in the top 3 all-time basketball players from Northern California behind Bill Cartwright and Kevin Johnson - and is in the California basketball hall of fame out there. He was voted to serve as the ABA players association president and Julius "Doc" Erving was his Vice-President. He represented the players during the ABA-NBA merger....

Taylorsville, UT

"Jimmer Fredette???"

This is as a list of the top NBA players with Utah ties. Jimmer is not quite there yet.

Sandpiper Air
Salt Lake City, UT

Do you think that DN writes articles like this just to give readers something to argue about?


The title of this article is rather deceptive. Upon first glance, I thought it was referring to "current" NBA players. This group is commonly referred to as "NBA players", while the other group are considered "former" or "ex" NBA players. But I guess your tactic worked as it lured me into the the first three pages before recognizing the deception.

Salem, UT

Don't forget Andy Toolson!

Mountain Bird
West Jordan, UT

As far as I'm concerned, Danny Vranes was the best basketball player Utah ever produced. I can see leaving him off this list because he didn't stick in the NBA. I guess he was just simply the wrong size. Leaving Fred Roberts off the list is a real head-scratcher.

Logan, UT

How about Nate Williams from Utah State? Eight seasons in the NBA averaging 12 points a game.

Henderson, NV

While we are listing people, Britton Johnsen played in the NBA for 4 years and Pace Mannion also played in the NBA. Add these two to Danny Vranes and Jeff Judkins (plus some more players from the 60s like Wat Misaka - if I remember correctly) and there's another 5 just from the "U."

Syracuse, UT

How about listing the NBA players that came through Utah? Or can spot Utah on a map? Or that have ever said "Utah".

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