Commentary: Utah may have come upon a famine of defensive backs

Published: Sunday, Aug. 4 2013 2:48 p.m. MDT

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Whittingham has barred no public relations on this position: “We are starting over,” he told the university’s athletics department, referencing the losses of Lacy, Lee and Topps.

While Rowe has been hailed as perhaps the next Weddle, can McGill (6-3, 205) at least rise to the level of Lee, Topps or Lacy? Certainly — if the senior can overcome a Jordan Wynn-esque pattern of injury. He played safety for five games in 2011, but missed the rest of the season with an injury and sat out all of last year after being physically sidelined again. It’s caused a 2011 Bleacher Report projection that McGill would be Utah’s best player to look premature.

Like other cornerbacks, Thomas (5-9, 173) is young, but at least he was in Salt Lake City last year, redshirting. Dan Sorensen thinks Thomas will be the answer to the Utes’ glaring cornerback question. He was listed as a starter after spring ball heading into fall camp.

Thomas was a first-team all-district player in Orange, Texas, in 2010, during his final year of high school.
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South Jordan, UT

Refreshing news!

Go Cougars!

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

Doesn't look good as the Pac-12 QB's will be delighted to throw over the top of these D-Backs.
One point that really frosts my cookies is that Morgan Scalley-- recruiting coordinator has yet to recruit a decent place kicker. Sakoda won a lot of games for us with his toe and asking a walk on to do the most pressurized job just doesn't cut it for me.
We need a quality special team place kicker EVERY SEASON !

Payson, UT

Blechen is a beast and can't wait to see him on the field in a few weeks.

The story about Chappuis is pretty sad, this kid was going to be great. Hope he can fully recover.

salt lake city, UT

Does this make it 4 years in a row now that they've move Brian Blechen to Linebacker? I give it 2 games until they move him back again.

Bountiful, UT

"Does this make it 4 years in a row now that they've move Brian Blechen to Linebacker? I give it 2 games until they move him back again."

How many games until he falls apart like last year? He was an NFL talent that is slowly killing his prospects through not excelling at either position (critics call him a tweener), getting moved back and forth, having off the field issues, etc. It would be sad if he blows it completely.

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