High school sports: 26 athletes to watch in 2013-14

Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 12:15 a.m. MDT

August has arrived, and soon thousands of high school athletes across the state of Utah will be representing their respective teams on the field of play.

Whether it's football or soccer in the fall, basketball or wrestling in the winter or track or softball in the spring, and all sports in between, there are plenty of top-flight talents who compete at Utah high schools all season long.

From up-and-coming sophomores to standout seniors, high school athletes display some of the best attributes of sports: heart, passion and determination.

Who are some of the top talents to pay attention to during the 2013-14 season?

Here's a look at 26 athletes to keep an eye on:

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Holladay, UT

The sport that requires possibly the most dedication, certainly the most practice is not even mentioned? Why no swimmers on the list?

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

How about the 26 academics to watch in 2013-2014?

Woods Cross, UT


Utah is NOT a swimming state. Very few swimmers from Utah go on to swim for universities.

Allen, TX

And for one better, Google Kyler Murray, who, as a Sophomore led The Allen Eagles to the Texas 5A-1 State title last year, throwing for 2,000 yards and running for nearly 1,400 last fall.

Utah sports.....pshh.

Used to be the Utes could play some B-ball....

Orem, UT

Utah plays very good ball for its population. Texas' population is so much more than Utah they should put out 20 times the athletes at least. So what are you bragging about? That's like Utah bragging they put more athletes out than a small town in Texas. Well the population is quite a bit more.
When it comes to basketball, Utah fares quite well. Lone Peak was the #1 team nationally as a public and not private school. Where was Texas? And what about the university that consistently recruits and acquires the top athletes in your overrated state, the University of Texas? How have they done recently in football AND basketball? Talk about disappointing and completely overrated.
Texas sports... psh.....

red rocks
Saint George, UT

We are happy you are proud of your son.

Las Vegas, NV

J-TX: Google Steve Young - Top-rated passer in NFL history; Super Bowl MVP in 1995; only quarterback with 30,000 yards passing and 4,000 rushing. Where is he from?


How many people in Connecticut?

South Jordan, UT

How is the #1 rated tight end in the NATION not on here?

Holladay, UT

@Oatmeal, there is no mention of who will play in college. It is about top athletes. College wasn't even mentioned but heart, passion and determination were highlighted.

USC Fan in Utah
Spanish Fork, UT

Things must be pretty boring in texas to come troll on little ol insignificant Utah Local paper......

slc, UT

Swimming is not big in this state, but Oatmeal you could not be more wrong about swimmers going to D1 schools. Last year, Long Guittierez signed with Cal (remember so did Missy Franklin!!!!). Each year, there are a handful of very talented swimmers who sign with big name D1 schools. But as mentioned, that has nothing to do with this review.
Academics would be nice-nice that Taylor Calton is 140 in her class, but really does this mean she is some academic prowess, not likely. Most top athletes are top because they are not top at academics, nor are they likely to be in college due to the constraints of meshing college with missing huge numbers of classes. There are some very talented athletes who are both top notch in their classes and just a smidge below these guys listed. Too bad they get little recognition!

American Fork/USA, UT

The ranking for Taylor Calton is not where she falls in academic listing for her class, it refers to her National Tennis Ranking which is very impressive. However, being a 4.0 student would make her an academic prowess.
This young lady will go on to accomplish amazing things in her life because she has chosen to be a success with education and her talent of Tennis.

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