Weekend watch: NFL players with Utah ties in this weekend's preseason action

Published: Thursday, Aug. 1 2013 2:57 p.m. MDT

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Position: Center

School: Utah

The rookie is listed fourth on the depth chart at center.
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Las Vegas, NV

Utah (center), Utah State (CB), byU (long snapper), Utah (LB*), Utah(DE), Utah (DT*), Utah(CB).

That about sums it up!

Go Utes!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

5 utes. 1 aggie. 1 cougar

That is about the average in the NFL as a whole

I love my Pac 12 membership and real athletes!

Murray, UT

dosent miami stink or something. now the ravens that's a team. if it wasn't for an unavoidable injury who would have been tabbed the best TE in the nfl?

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B.

“5 utes. 1 aggie. 1 cougar. That is about the average in the NFL as a whole.”

No need to exaggerate on this one, Chris. I give the Utes full props for getting players in the NFL. The number they place ranks favorably in the PAC 12 (middle of the pack, 6th I believe) and is probably ranked around 30th in the league while BYU has only as many as USU and probably ranks around 80-100. But let’s not read too much into that… Cal places more in the NFL (44) than Texas, Alabama, and Oregon. Iowa (35) places more than Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Fresno State (24) places more than Oregon State, Arizona, and Washington. I’m thrilled Utah has had so much success in getting players to the league, and I’m even more excited to see what they can do on the field in six weeks.

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