The ultimate Pioneer Day challenge: Test your knowledge of Utah's heritage

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Utah State Historical Society
Mormons were cast as the villains in a number of early Hollywood films, but what 1940s Hollywood film earned the praise of President Heber J. Grant and later saw its one of its stars baptized into the LDS Church?

A. "Pioneers of the West"

B. "Prairie Pioneers"

C. "The Utah Kid"

D. "Brigham Young"

>> Stars of one of the films listed above hold a press conference at the Salt Lake airport before the Utah premiere of the movie.
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West Jordan, UT

Insightful - I enjoyed that quiz. I need to brush up on my pioneer history.

Hyrum, UT

Loved the quiz. Would like to have a copy of it. Would be great to have a print link.

Providence, UT

No way!!!! I was seriously going to put a quiz together for our family gathering. Now I don't have to! Thanks tons!!!!

Melissa S.
Washington, DC

Rep. Rob Bishop's DC office will be taking this quiz tomorrow! thanks for sharing. Will be a great way to help us celebrate Pioneer Day.

Bethel Island/CC, CA

I only missed 8. Not bad for a Catholic from California ;-)

San Diego, CA

I don't agree with the answer to question 5. While 3 women were members of the original party leaving Winter Quarters, they were joined en route by members of the Mormon Battalion and church members from Mississippi who wintered in Pueblo, Colorado. The women in this group were part of the first wagon train to enter the Salt Lake Valley.

Buena Vista, VA

I'm with Gmabeek. Would be nice to have a print copy. In fact, even if I don't print it, it would be nice not to have to click through 60 pages. After complaining several times about these lists you have to click through, many months ago I finally gave up. But now, I can't help saying once again that all these would be better on a one page scroll down format. Why doesn't the DN agree?

Orem, UT

They want more page views to pad their numbers. More page views = higher charge for ads.

salt lake city, UT

A very thoughtful and thought provoking quiz. I wish we could find a way to re-invigorate history and its nuances in education, especially K-12. Maybe the Deseret News should sponsor a contest for preparing secular class plans to incorporate much of this rich and important Utah history. This coming from someone who is bi-cultural, that is, my mother was Mormon and my father was Catholic.

Provo, UT

Interesting, but this is more of a Mormon history of Utah then one which captures the entire history. Whilst Mormons were largely responsible for settling and establishing the Utah Territory, mining pioneers also had a huge hand in it. Col. Connor and his men all but began the mining rush in Utah. As with other western states, mining built the west.

utah cornhusker

I didn't do to bad considering I'm from Nebraska, but lived in Utah for many years. Newel Knight is not buried far from where I live, but never understood why they went 145 miles north and west of Omaha where winter quarters was located. The monument near Niobrara is nice and is always so well cared for.

Lehi, UT

It is a great opportunity to learn and appreciate the sacrifices made then and even now by so many.

CA Granny

This was a fun way to see how much I knew or remembers from years of reading church history and a good way to learn things I don't know. However, there are 2 boo boo's on the list in question #12 and question #28. In the answers to both of these, Parley P. Pratt is mentioned, first as the engineer who helped make the odometer and secondly as one of the group who climbed Ensign Peak shortly after their arrival. Actually, I think the answer in both cases should be Orson; Parley didn't arrive in the valley until the huge wagon train organized and lead by him and John Taylor arrived in September.

Andy in Sandy
Sandy, Utah

A very good quiz for exercising the thought process of retrieving facts from the cranial memory banks. Unfortunately I had to guess on most of the questions, but I usually guessed right. I correctly answered 23 for a score of 77%.

Just for fun -- a question 28a could be "Who was the first prophet to go through the MTC? Answer: Moses! He parted the waters, then walked through the "empty sea" (MTC) on dry ground.

Similarly, Why is the postal code for Montana "MT"? Answer: because of the relatively low population per square mile, Montana is considered empty (MT).

Lafayette, IN

Very interesting. Being a Gentile from Indiana, I didn't know most of these. But I have been to SLC. The statue of the Handcart folks in Temple Square got me interested in that most interesting story. They were a tough bunch. Thanks Deseret News for sharing this list.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Wow, missed 5. Fun quiz

Farmington, UT

I lay claim to getting 26 correct. Not too bad, I suppose. I did enjoy it. The first 10 were gimmie's in my view.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

This appears to be a very one sided quiz. Not very useful if people want to find out the real heritage of UT. So much left out, like indigenous peoples, people traveling through UT on their way to some place else, etc.

Lehi, UT

To Tennor. Remember that the pioneers didn't have computers and so they had to use every last page to express themselves which is what happened here. As far as the ads go, those were added later since the pioneers were only interested in getting to Utah, not in ads. You may have missed the connection of this DS feature to the ads, the number of pages, and the pioneers. I know it may seem confusing. Actually, it is confusing. A closer study of the history may help to make it more clear. NOT!

Bakersfield, CA

Thank you!! Lotsa fun and valuable reminders of our heritage and the deep sacrifices of an entire community. It brought back many dear childhood stories from precious pioneer elders passed on long ago. Special hours were spent listening to my Grandma tell tales about "old Brigham" and the early saints, (as he was also referred to.)

This was an excellent "Pioneer Day" quiz. Those who want a full Utah history can include much more on that occasion, but this is very appreciated by this evangelical Christian, 5th-generation (former) Mormon. Remembering my ancestors who died in the Willie Handcart crossing is part of my heritage, which I want my children to remember proudly.

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