How does America compare when it comes to paid time off?

Published: Sunday, July 21 2013 11:16 p.m. MDT

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Mandated paid vacation days: 10

Mandated paid holidays: 0

Total paid days off: 10
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Incite Full
Layton, UT

hey if you work for the government you get a couple weeks worth of days off... though not with pay... Hooray Furlough! Thanks Obama for sequestration!

Kearns, UT

I wonder how much our quality of life would improve if all workers got paid days off and used them. I know that a lot of parents would wind up having more days they could spend quality time with their families. Don't we complain a lot on here that parents aren't spending enough time with their kids? Maybe a change in work and paid vacation days would help with that. Perhaps there could be some big incentive for companies to offer better vacation/time off benefits.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Could it be that the American worker works harder with longer hours and less compensation than many other countries in the world yet we are called upon to finance the roll of policeman in the world.

What is wrong with this picture? Perhaps other countries who are buying up our businesses should shoulder more responsibility with keeping the world safe?

Example we only receive 10% of our oil from the middle east yet we expend huge amounts of revenue to keep the shipping lanes open and the pumps producing. Why don't the countries who use the majority of the oil shoulder this cost and responsibility?

If they do not have the equipment they could pay our costs to do it. Why do we do it for free?

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

...and yet Ford built my trucks engine in Germany and the chassis in France. So much for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries because its cheaper. I think some of our corporations are just plain anti-American.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow! What a terribly dishonest way to phrase something. Just because the government doesn't mandate something, automatically means Americans don't get any of that?!?! I guess because the government doesn't mandate that we eat food and drink water everyday , means Americans are the only ones on the world that get no food or drink?

Freeman Stevenson
In the land down under, UT


Where in the article does it say that Americans don't get any vacation at all (aside from the 23% who don't). "It is common practice for U.S. businesses to offer some vacation time and holidays, even though it is not required by law."

Cottonwood Heights, UT

One of these days our citizens are going to put two and two together and discover this country and our government is at odds with the working class. we work more hours with less vacation and when it comes to wealth accumulation, the net worth of the 50th percentile working family (based on annual income) in America is number 27th in the world, far less than these other countries cited in the article. But to our credit, our efficient and productive middle class has made it so we have a higher percentage of millionaires and billionaires than any other major country. So aren't we proud of ourselves.

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