Utah Jazz: Kings of the NBA Draft's second round

Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 8:42 p.m. MDT

Don Grayston, Deseret News

NBA basketball is vastly different than any other version of the game around the world. The only qualities it shares with the college or high school game are the dimensions of the court and the height of the basket. Everything else is different: the speed of the game, how offenses operate and even defensive rules.

With that in mind, deciding which new players will be able to make a successful transition into the NBA is very difficult. Even with the millions of dollars teams spend on scouting and testing, they still manage to get it wrong more often than not.

Why? All the testing in the world can’t tell scouts the most important qualities of a player. No one can scout a guy’s heart, his will to win or his desire to be the best. If it were possible, then players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant would’ve been drafted first overall. For this reason, the NBA draft is best described as a crap shoot.

Even with all the mistakes teams make on a yearly basis, some still hit it big, and like every other team, the Utah Jazz have missed on their fair share of players in the first round.

Where the Jazz have made up for that has been later in the draft.

This list covers the steals that the Jazz have landed in the second round and beyond, including the era when the draft was longer than two rounds.

Note: Players are ranked based on their entire NBA career and not just what they did with the Jazz.

Jay Yeomans is a courier by day and a freelance writer by night. He is the creator and lone contributor to the blog jmoney34sports.wordpress.com. Contact him at jmoney34@hotmail.com

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Corona, CA

Wow, Eaton was a beast. I forgot what a monster he was.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

This article could have at least given an honorable mention to the 1979 draft pick (Paul Dawkins) who made the team while the #1 pick that year (Larry Knight) was waived and never saw the court. Dawkins was a 10th round pick and probably the only player ever taken in that round to ever make an NBA team. He had a productive rookie year on a poor Jazz team. Also there were other noteworthy low picks such as Greg Deane out of the Universty of Utah who made the team and contributed.

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