High school football: Preseason Deseret News Top 25 rankings

Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 5:12 p.m. MDT

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2012 Record: 3-7

2012 Playoffs: Did not qualify.

Outlook: The Cavemen figure to be much more competitive in 2013 as they enter their second year running the triple option with eight returning offensive starters.
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Provo, UT

What about Spanish Fork or Desert Hills, certainly better teams than Granger and AF.

Summerville, SC

What about Stansbury? They have a very good QB coming back and the rest of the team is going to be good as well.

Lindon, UT

Go Pleasant Grove!

Logan, UT

I am excited to see if Chase Nelson is as good as his brothers at Logan High. If so, that will be another entertaining Favero offense to watch!

Logan, UT

I can't wait to see if Chase Nelson is as good as either of his brothers at Logan High. If so, it will be another entertaining offense to watch, especially since Riley will be the OC.

Golden Helmet
Salt Lake City, UT

Look out for Skyline!

Logan, UT

I didn't think the first post had posted since there was such a long lag. I was able to correct myself in the second one though. It will be Riley's offense under the watchful eye of Favero.

West Point , UT

Go Titans!! It's Cuse's year!

Bountiful, UT

The Gearig kid is a beast and will lead Bingham to state title! And I'm a Viewmont fan.

soccer coach
Taylorsville, UT

I know football is king and I am okay with that but desnews please post the games for girls soccer. I coach a girls team and my daughter wants to go watch some games. The girls season begins in just 3 weeks which is 2 weeks sooner than football. Please.


Alta looked great at camp with PG and AF and their O was unstoppable. Lucero has weapons everywhere and the Hawks looked as good at camp as I've ever seen them. Hope their O line steps it up, they seemed shaky at times.

Holladay, UT

Go E-A-G-L-E-S!

Hurricane, 00

some of the info needs to be fixed...it says that granger lost to northridge in 5A quarterfinals, but then the very next rank up it says that northridge lost to alta in the 5A quarterfinals.

last I checked, a team can only play in 1 quarterfinal game per year

Hurricane, 00

sorry it says they lost to jordan. not alta.

still needs to be fix'd though

Sandy, UT

Its ok Jordan ranked 4th isn't bad. I'll take that just like last year. Once again though these rankings will prove how Bingham is overrated each year and Jordan being underrated. Austin will be able to prove he can in fact throw the ball and it wasn't just his O-line that helped tremendously last year. Plus losing their top WR doesn't matter! Jordan can prove all these doubters wrong and win it all again! Go Diggers!


Hey JFan, how many new faces can we expect to see this year from out of state?

Sandy, UT

playwhereyouive- I absolutely know you're being sarcastic (haha) but I'll answer anyways. A lot of new faces on Jordan's team. A whole new offensive line, as well as a new WR core, a couple new Defensive line players too. Again that doesn't matter at all cause Jordan's got the best QB in the stat :p Austin will show he can throw the ball and run the ball better even with a new O-line to work with. Everyone keep underrating Jordan because that's exactly where they want to be! Then before you know it Jordan will be in the championship game :)

South Jordan, UT

If 3 championships in 6 years is overrated, I'll take being overrated every year! As for Jordan being underrated, there is a reason for that. Because every year but last year, they've underachieved year in and year out!

Pig Skin Fan
Syracuse, UT

Don't ever believe preseason ranking, Mountain Crest 2013 good example.

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