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Published: Tuesday, June 7 2011 2:04 p.m. MDT

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Courtesy of waveatthebus.blogspot.com
"My Dad used to drive me to school every morning in Junior High (middle school). Every day, as I got out of the car, he would open the sunroof and proceed to yell at me and other children with a sock puppet using funny voices. Eventually the sock puppet evolved into a variety of other puppets he hid in the car. While I was definitely embarrassed, I secretly loved every minute of it.
I know I'll be a troll dad when I grow up because of my Dad, but this costuming is sooooo brilliant! If ever the opportunity presents, this will be me in 15+ years."
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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

I am glad that I have the Dad that I do. This behavior is very odd.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

No ute alumni, his behavior is FUN! People do not have a sense of humor nowadays. This dad is awesome!


Unfortunately "ute alumni" (and others) probaly don't get it.

This is absolutely hilarious.

Having listened to he and his son in an interview on KSL Radio yesterday morning, I was inspired and may have to do the same thing FOR my daughter one day.

What started out as a great "get-back-at-ya" gag to his son, turned into a true neighborhood venture as friends, family, neighbors and strangers heard about it and dropped off new costumes all the time. In fact, he never wore the same costume twice in 170 days, and it became so popular with the other AF HS Students that they would walk out of their way just to get on that bus and see what kind of get-up his dad would wear!

The son even commented on how at first he was embarrassed, but by the end of the year he loved it!

I get it, I admire him for his dedication (esp in such a bleak and cold Winter), and I respect him for generating a wonderful memory that he and his son will share for a lifetime (and more)!

Way to go Peg Leg!!

Lehi, UT

I think what this father did is great! His son has even said that it doesn't bother him anymore, and that his friends even think it's funny. I think it not only sends a message to his son but to other kids that this father loves his son enough to do something unique for him every day, even when he was too sick to get out of bed. From what it sounds like, this guy's a very involved caring parent, and his son (and many others) will have great memories for years to come.

My 2 Bits
Orem, UT

Freaking Funny! I have been following his blog for a few months...too funny!

Richland, WA

This Dad has set a high bar for the rest of us!

Bountiful, UT

Its amazing how he could come up with a DIFFERENT costume every day for so many days without any repeats. Its amazing anyone would want to do that.

Florissant, MO

What would be fun is to have people send him costumes, so he can continue next year.

Cebterville, Utah

Not only his son, but his son's peers and the bus driver have enjoyed his dad. If I lived closer and knew about it, I'd drive by. Some kids go to school angry and it sets the pace for the day, but the son and friends (and bus driver) have a light-hearted start for their day. And it makes for good memories!

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Wow!! What a lucky kid! Why?

Because all the dad was really trying to say the entire year is, "Son, I love you."

And what can be worth more than that?

BYU Girl
Kearns, UT

I vote him "Father of the Year!" His son has a big shoe to fill. I'd love to hear what his son gives him for father's day this year. Hopefully, he'll be just as creative. (No ties!!!)

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I understand the last time on DN that he mentioned that he will sleep in during his son's next school year. It would be fun to see him do some more and he might wear Jimmer new nba future.

I'm thinking...
Bluffdale, UT

This story reminds me of the children's book "Weird Parents" by Audrey Wood. I love that book because it expresses what each child thinks about his parent, weird. I know I did. But, at some point in life, children realize their parents are actually a lot of fun and are really kids at heart. This book is about a kid, around 10-12 years, whose mother, everyday, runs to the school bus stop and yells, "Bye, bye, honeycakes!" and blows him a huge kiss. His father walks him home from school everyday but only after his father shakes hands with everyone he meets. The story goes on about the different things his weird parents did and the boy wishing everyone had weird parents like he did. Then he realizes he is happy to have his parents, he knows how much fun they are and that they love him; he wouldn't trade them. Isn't that what we all want? For our parents to be with us, show us attention and to love us. That's exactly what this Dale Price is. He is the perfect weird parent that we all wish we had. :)

Vienna, Austria

Forget all those inspirational tales people send around by mass e-mail. This is genuinely heart-warming. Dad is setting a wonderful example of both love and a healthy sense of humor. May his personae endure for many years to come!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Some day this boy will tell this story to his children. Each time it is told it will become more special. Taking the time to do silly things with our kids is pretty important. No, I would not do something like this, but I do know that it takes time, money and planning. I can tell you this, that all on the bus know that this man loves his son. They can't wait to pass this house on the way to school. Most on the bus secretly wish it could be their dad.

Beaverton, OR

That's truly a father's love for his son. He has to be secure in his own skin to be able to dress in those dresses - especially Princess Leia with the cinnabons on the ears.

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