The watch list: BYU, Utah, USU players named candidates for 2013 college football awards

Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 10:34 a.m. MDT

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Team: BYU Cougars

Award: Doak Walker Award (Nation's best running back)

Williams took over as BYU's featured running back in 2012 after Michael Alisa broke his arm against Hawaii, but he played in every game of 2012. He rewrote freshman record books during 2012 and is now the all-time leader in carries (166), yards (775) and touchdowns (12) for a freshman at BYU.

In addition to his impressive rushing statistics at BYU, Williams also hauled in 27 catches for 315 yards and one touchdown during the 2012 season. Seven of those catches came against Notre Dame. For the year, Williams had six games with more than 100 all-purpose yards.

Williams is a quick, shifty back with a lot of speed. He showed remarkable poise as a freshman in 2012 and will doubtlessly be a prominent piece of the Cougars' new spread-option attack.
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Highland, UT

Let's see, 3 Cougars, 2 aggies, only 1 ute and he was a Cougar transfer. Sounds about right for a school that has had many, many, national "best of" football award winners, a school that has had a couple of them, and a school that has never had any of them.


"and he was a Cougar transfer"
Now its an accomplishment to have a player de-commit? WOW

Highland, UT


No accomplishment, it just shows that this vast reservoir of talent utah "fans' claim that utah signs is actually non existant. If the player they have projected to be their best player is actually a kid that signed with someone else out of high school then this false utah "fan" bravado about their recruting classes is all the less credible.


Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmm. So much for stars. All of Utah's starred recruits have nothing to show except of course the 5 wins last year. Roll on Utes

Centerville, UT

@ Spider Rico & 965

Good catch I guess . . . Three WAC'ers were picked-up when the real talent left the MWC.

Payson, UT

Congrats to cougar fans on another preseason victory.

Danbury, CT

Kudo's to these kids for getting some recognition. Now let's get our TEAM together and win vs. quality competition. The awards that really matter are the ones for team accomplishment.

Bountiful, UT

Realistically, Van Noy is the only one who is really in the running for these national awards.

Highland, UT

@Chris A

One was added to the list since I made my post, the kicker, he was not originally on it. So "just saying" is fine but it isn't accurate for the time we are discussing. Since that time Manumaluna for BYU has been added to the list so BYU is now up to 4....just saying. And Van Noy has been put on another list so he is now on multiples.

So we've had a Cougar and an aggie added since yesterday, interesting that no other ute's have been added considering their recruiting superiority and pac12 membership and all. They still just sit at 1.

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT

Once again, no question about it, BYU has the best players.

I've never seen Utah win the paper contest yet.

Wonder how things will turn out on the field?

Should make for some good drama.

Syracuse, UT

We need to look at the overall picture. How many Cougars have made it to the "Best" that college football has to offer and a NC to top it off. BYU develope's players better than u. You can argue until the cows come home, but facts are facts and u don't even come close and it would take another 100 years to even catch up to BYU, let alone pass up.

Lincoln City, OR

BYU = 7 Nominees

Utah Stae = 6 Nominees

Utah = 1 Nominee

Nuff Said.

Cedar Hills, UT

And it's still July. Love them quacky cougs.

Lincoln City, OR

So Azutie, if the gap is widening with each recruiting class, why is it that in every Preseason College Football Magazine out, BYU is rated 20 to 30 notches higher than the Utes???

For Example:

. Lindy's has BYU Power Ranked at #39 (not great but in the top third of FBS schools... Unfortunately, the Utes are ranked #69 (in the bottom half of all FBS schools... Ouch).

. Phil Steele (The same one y'all quote on SOS) has Utah Power Ranked all the way up to #60 (right at about the half-way pointfor FBS schools)... BYU however, is Poer Ranked at #34...

Now I ask you, how accurate can these Rival Recruiting Ratings be??? Answer: Obviously, not very accurate. LOL.

Salt Lake City, UT


"BYU = 7 Nominees

Utah Stae = 6 Nominees

Utah = 1 Nominee"

The lone Utah nominee would have been playing for BYU if the Cougars had had an available scholarship for him when he returned home early from his LDS mission.

It's only July and the PACy-WACers are already loading up on excuses for another losing, bowl-less season.

Frisco, TX

Azute - I'm happy U define the success of your season by the stars of the recruiting class (high school success), and a win against BYU.

Personally, I think the watch lists are a better gauge of the players, since it defines how they've done in college, not high school. And although I like the game against Utah, I'd rather have a successful season based on how my team performs in all 13 games (or 12 in your case).

Given the choice, I'd rather have a loss to Utah and win 8, 9 or 10 games; than to beat Utah and have a losing season.

7 on the watchlist from BYU, 1 from Utah. Where's Chris B's comments?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Cedar Hills, UT

"Leave it to byU "fans" to claim victories in July. Lol"

And alas, Utah doesn't even have pre-season victories to claim.

Now in fairness, if you lose this battle, but win the one in September (again...) won't I feel sheepish. But one way or another, September will take care of itself. As will bowl season. And the actual awards. And the NFL draft.

But in the pre-season, this is all we got. And we've got it. U don't.

You repeated your comment, I'll repeat one of mine. Higher ranked recruits go in. More NFL draftees come out. But in the middle is a program in steady, demonstrable decline.

Hyrum, UT


Interesting that you say Utah "has been" light years ahead of other Utah schools with recruiting. That term "has been" fits really well with how Utah currently is doing... especially since it was the only major Utah college to have a losing record and not qualify for any bowl game at all... not even the Has-Been bowl.
Do you even know what a light-year is?

Then you list "former" NFL Ute players. Again, the key word here is "former". It seems that the only things Ute trolls try bragging about are all "former" and "has-been". That will be even more true after September 21st, when even the people in the know... the odds-makers in Las Vegas... have the Y favored over Utah.

There will soon be nothing left except "has been". Another loss to USU, the mini-streak over against the Y, and another year without a bowl game. Not a good time to be a realistic Ute fan. Oh, wait... there is still that strong SOS... except for no meaningful wins to go along with it. And now no starred recruits picked to do anything. Dang!
Light years indeed!

Cedar Hills, UT

"Up for awards". Bit of an overstatement? They havn't even had 2 a days yet. The "quest" lives

Salt Lake City, UT

FYI, Jake Murphy did not de-commit from BYU, he disqualified himself academically and had to find another school that would accept lower grades.


SSmith, umm no? I'm calling your bluff on that. You can't academically disqualify yourself while serving a mission.

This list is not accurate, however, Trevor Reilly is on the Butkus watch list. These are meaningless anyway until the season starts and the players actually do something.

CFiT, no this is not necessarily "a better gauge of the players, since it defines how they've done in college," as several of these guys really haven't done anything in college yet, but their potential gets talked up and they get put on a watch list. As I mentioned the other day, Marqise Lee was not on the initial Biletnikoff watch list and ended up head and shoulders better than any receiver in the country last year.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

9 of the 17 are Cougars, that's about right, BYU doesn't mind sharing just a little glory with the Stay At Home Boys. I'm looking forward to the Utah vs ASU and UA games. The Sun Devils and Wildcats can smell the blood already. I felt terrible when the folks up north weren't able to give the Devils the competition they got from Northern Arizona, and it was tough staying to the end. Best of a luck to all three, come down to Austin some time, this is where real football is played.

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