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Published: Friday, June 3 2011 10:45 a.m. MDT

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Courtesy of Newsweek
Newsweek released a package on Mormons this week. The feature story can be found here.
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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I was glad the DN actually used the last one with Bro. Glenn Beck.
[If not, I would have called them on it.]

Sad, too many LDS here in SLC fawn on his every word, whilst ignoring the Leaders & General Authories of the LDS Church.

Kosciusko, Mississippi

What issue is this? How do I get a copy? If it is new then it's come at a great time, what with Mitt Romney's declaration yesterday of his presidential candidacy. He will bring America back from the brink.

Kosciusko, Mississippi

I remember this one. It made an impression because I heard my Daddy say that it made him respect the Mormons because he respected Mr. Benson.

Salt Lake City, UT

Are we dwelling in the past again?

Plano, TX

9 out of 10 positive isn't too bad I guess...

Ogden, UT

I would be willing to wager a sizable amount that DNews will not approve this comment, but I'm going to write it anyway and see if their screeners will look past their right-wing bias.

I am not pleased that GB is on the cover of any magazine where they tell the world that he is Mormon.

As far as I'm concerned Brother Glenn and I are members of the same church in name only.

i shudder ever time I read or hear the words of a news commentator stating that he reflects the beliefs of the LDS Church.

Ogden, UT

Will miracles never cease?!


Is this news?

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's see which comments of Glenn's do you disagree with: Israel is our friend; atheistic Communists in the government are bad; a member of NAMBLA developing curricula for our childrfen is bad; Faith, Hope, and Charity are necessary to weather the economic storm brought on by excessive (Democrat and Republican) government spending.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Where are the Jimmer SI back-to-back covers?

Richmond, VA


No worries, this fellow Mormon would gladly stand with Beck and be identified with him anytime. Sorry you feel the opposite way but that's the beauty of free agency. I for one honestly wish there were a million more people like Glenn Beck in the Church. It's amazing the hypocrisy of many who posts on these forums to bash, ridicule, and accuse him of being divisive and a hatemonger while at the same time spewed out their own hate and vitriol against him. Cry me a river, for goodness sake!

Ogden, UT

Now, is that a face and a look you'd like to see greeting you before Sunday services?

Real brotherly love, right?!

Syracuse, NY

It would have been nice if they had given the exact dates when these magazines were published.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Unfortunately, most of the people who condemn Glenn don't actually listen to him. If they did, they'd know that their comments are way off base. What they do is listen to his far-left detractors who feel threatened by him.

I don't know of any members of the Church who take what Glenn Beck says over what the General Authorities say. I also don't know of anything Glenn has said that is in contradiction to what the General Authorities say.

The Lord has said, "if you are not one, you are not mine." As members of the Church, what we need to do is be supporting each other and not attacking each other. That is the Christ-like thing to do.

Idaho Falls, ID

I agree Cats. Most people who love to dish hate on Glenn Beck like yarrlydarb don't listen to him or his message. They just like to regurgitate propaganda they hear on MSNBC. While I don't necessarily agree with everything Glenn says, he makes many valid points and identifies many insidious influences that seek to destroy what is good about traditional American culture.

@LDS Liberal:
"Sad, too many LDS here in SLC fawn on his every word, whilst ignoring the Leaders & General Authories of the LDS Church."
Having read many of your posts here on DN, let me ask you this: What is your position on Prop 8? Are you Pro-life or Pro-choice? The Church leaders have made clear statements on these issues.


RE: #3 Ezra Taft Benson, Time's Man of the Year

While Ezra Taft Benson did appear on the cover of Time's April 13, 1953 issue (as well as the May 7, 1956 issue), Time's Man (now Person) of the Year for 1953 was Konrad Adenauer, chancellor of West Germany.

Kent Larsen
New York, New York

I'm surprised at the inaccuracy in #4. Reed Smoot was NOT the first Mormon in the U.S. Senate. In fact, Utah's first Senator, Frank J. Cannon, son of George Q. Cannon of the First Presidency, was.

I don't know for sure how active Cannon was in 1896. But it was only later that he actually left the Church, apparently in part because he couldn't manage to get re-elected by the State legislature (which elected Senators at the time and was very subject to the suggestions of the First Presidency).

Please, get your facts right. Smoot was NOT the first.

Amy's Mom

I am very grateful for Glenn Beck.
This last year he has spent his time trying to educate us so that we may understand those things we see and hear around us. The history lessons have been most in formative.
I am 65 and thought I had a pretty good understanding of our nations history but I was so wrong.
Thanks again, Glenn.

Sanpete, UT

LDS Liberal

You never answer my posts, so I would like an answer to this one. How do people who listen to Glenn Beck exactly ignore the Leaders of the Church? What evidence do you have of this?

South Jordan, UT

I zoomed in on the cover of Ezra Taft Benson, and noticed this quote that was on the bottom of the magazine cover (presumable from Secretary Benson):

"No real American wants to be subsidized."

How true!

That's what the American dream is all about. Learn to stand on your own two feet, make something of yourself, and don't mooch on anybody. (If we could only get rid of the entitlement programs that encourage too many Americans to live on the backs of others who are real Americans.)


How can any Mormon look at the cover featuring Beck and feel proud of that?
I don't.
Unfortunately that is all DN will allow me to say.

Oahu, HI

This is perhaps the Best Article on this site that i have ever seen.

Every Picture will be in my Pictures.

I am not talking about the Articles Themselfs just the Covers. Articles being somewhat a different subject.

I love the Covers of Smoot, Smith and Benson. I loved Ike. I was a child, I Loved Ike. I thought his Wife was cool also a Nice motherly Type.

These men did their Jobs and Retained There Mormonism unlike some people of today. Romneys Father/Grandfather signed Dec 2. His father was a business man and Gov. Mitt is a fine Business Man but somewhat less in other areas.

Of course the First Vision need to be number one always, with out that there is No Point for any of the Rest Of It.

Beck is a Convert and has the Zeal Of Conversion and the gift of Conversation, of late mostly about himself.

However it does not take you 10 years of working with him to know he is Mormon, unlike some people that are Active mormons on Sunday in Church.

If the Anti Mormon Police came to your house. Would there be enough evidence to convict you.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

Read Ether chapter 8 and pay very close attention to the words contributed directly by Moroni. He is speaking specifically to you and I, warning us. Pay particular attention to the words "when you come to the realization of your awful situation. . ." Moroni really knew what the words "awful situation" meant. So what awful situation do you think he is warning us about? Glen Beck tells us everyday. And some are foolish enough to call his words hate. I don't think that Moroni would. We are currently living in the day that Moroni spoke of and it is time we came to that realization.

Anon 64
Oahu, HI

If this is not news then neither is Unemployment being 9.1 percent news and anything else that was talked about on the News Last night for the 1st time i tried to watch it in over 2yeara. My TV is mostly off again.

Marie Osmond has bee on the Cover of Many Mags,to include recently People. Ao has for that matter Liz Smart.

If Beck can be in the list (I have nothing against this) then why not Smart or Osmond. Or Gladys Knight for that matter. These are the Best Known Women in the Mormon World like it or not. The last time I Checked all had TR's, One just off a mission and another Just married IN The Temple. All have been on many covers and all have been on the Cover Of People, which is owned by Time.

Thank you DNS for a wounderful Topic. All of those people where where in their time and season Real News. So that is what makes this Real News.

Beats the stuff you watch on TV.

I am waiting for Donny to be called to the 12. Beck to the 70, and Mitt to his Village.



Don't hold your breath. He won't. If he does, it will be to spout another litany dredged up elsewhere of the lies, or not quite accurate ad libs (either one works for their cause) that are purported to be present in Beck's explanations, points and exhortations.

While a portion of the LDS community think that Orderville can be brought about by government intervention, and that Lennon's "Imagine" world can be brought about by emoting about charity, peace, and throwing money as an assist at people who don't want or are too enslaved by other things to know how to leverage help, they themselves would have government do the dirty and mundane work at home or in the community, in the form of payments of everyone's money.

Utopia is not going to come about by hands of men or government; charity does have any impact when laundered sterile and funneled through wasteful govt programs, and peace does not come about by treaty, conciliation, and by wringing hands. Meekness is not concessions to the rabid wrong. Charity begins at home and only from home and personal involvement and service is peace and perspective happening.

Iowa City, IA

I love cover number one. Time mag. declaring God lives and can appear to man. So simple, so true.


Why is the Glenn Beck cover the only one with a link to an article?

And, the article isn't the one that went with the cover but an article written by a DN writer.

I find this curious...

Alpharetta, GA

Please...there are many, many LDS who take great offense to Beck and his outrageous conspiracy theories. And yes, many of us (like me) have listened until we can take no more. I am amazed at how many people--especially in the Mormon heartland--buy into, repeat and (worst of all) forward--messages by Beck as if they remarkable. Do a fact chase on many of his threads and you have to be an Olympic long-jumper to keep up with his many leaps in logic. In most places I have lived, LDS and non-LDS alike see him as a sideshow--and I believe the silent majority wish he would quiet down. Just like the far left, he is not helping the US (or the church) with most of his comments.

Los Angeles, CA

I doubt this will get through, although it doesn't violate any rules.

I encourage everybody to go to each of the articles and actually read them (they are not hard to find). For example, do you want to know where your tithing money goes? #6 entitled "Mormons Inc" (not "The Salt Lake City Temple") explains it pretty well.

Glenn Beck's article is entitled "Mad Man" (not "Glenn Beck Media Mogul") and is not complimentary. It discusses how he preys on the fears of the uninformed.

Los Angeles, CA

Has anyone else noticed how the DN censorship of comments (even those not violating any of their stated rules) has accelerated lately?

Shelley, ID

Well, at least they didn't have a pic of Beck crying.



You are indeed correct. The DN has officially, clearly outside of the following rules, determined that using the commonly applied term for those who reside in the state and nation without proper and legal documentation permitting them to do so, is a racial slur or insensitive to feelings. I have never mentioned racial, national, or geographical direction from which they come, their criminal background, their religious affiliation or standing, or their abuse of our laws and social safety-net or infrastructure. Yet, sadly, my comments that mention this widespread problem are considered racist and might hurt somebody's feelings. Waaaaah.

I have never submitted anything containing any of the following, but using that term to describe border jumpers is not-allowed and will not appear in any allowed comments.

Their rules, which I have yet to violate, but which have been used in censoring my contribution, are as follows:

Comment included name-calling, epithets, racial slurs or personal attacks.
* Comment contained obscenity, vulgarity and/or profanity.
* Comment contained over-use of punctuation.
* Comment was intended to provoke or inappropriately addressed other readers by name.

Still, they censor anything with that term for what they essentially are.


What about the Sports Illustrated cover "A Season for Spreading the Faith"

Brad James
Manti, UT

I agree with Truthseeker, there are prominent Mormons who make me ashamed. However, it is not Glenn Beck, as you would want me to claim. They are Harry Reid and E. Gordon Gee, sure Gee, you preside over one of the more prestigious universities in the nation and condone the football program committing crime. That's what the BC$ does to you, it makes you look the other way and become akin to a corrupt televangelist. Thanks for all the bad publicity Gee. Neither BYU or the U of U want anything to do with you.

D. Jeremy
Spring, TX

Swissh said, "[T]here are many, many LDS who take great offense to Beck and his outrageous conspiracy theories."

Can you name any "conspiracy" theories that Beck espouses? And don't come back with that lame "FEMA Camp" conspiracy - it was Beck that debunked it!!

Glenn uses the exact words and sound bytes related to the issues he discusses. How can that be conspiratorial? I don't think "conspiracy" means what you think it means.

Farmington, UT

I'm interested in Glenn Beck's "outrageous conspiracy theories." Usually I hear him talk against conspiracy theories. I'm guessing that some readers are upset by Beck's efforts to bring attention to the past statements, beliefs and associations of members of the Obama administration. Some listeners might be offended that Beck pointed out publicized Anita Dunn's statement that Mao was one of her two favorite political philosophers. Or that Obama sat in the church of a minister who spouts hatred of whites and damns the United States. Some people don't like to be reminded that Obama appointed an avowed communist, Van Jones. Maybe they didn't like it when Beck pointed out that the Washington Post reported Obama's staff calling Franklin Raines for advice. The same Raines who took millions from Fannie Mae. Perhaps Beck was wrong when he concluded that if a man surrounds himself with socialists and communists, he might share beliefs. Perhaps Beck is wrong when he concludes that Obama favors wealth redistribution based on Obama's own quotes. But I doubt it.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I Choose Freedom | 9:21 p.m. June 4, 2011
Atlanta, GA

Pay particular attention to the words "when you come to the realization of your awful situation. . ." Moroni really knew what the words "awful situation" meant. So what awful situation do you think he is warning us about? Glen Beck tells us everyday.


Corporations/Capitalists = Gadiantons.

Their insatiable Greed, Pride and Money is taking over and "managing" control over our Government. And Republicans support with the price of the people's freedom.

That's who Moroni is talking about. Not "Democrats".

Glenn Beck - and most of the Conservatives he's talking too - have it all wrong.

One "when you come to the realization of your awful situation..." you really finally know what he meant by "awful situation".

Wake up yourself.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

@idablu | 10:48 a.m. June 4, 2011
Idaho Falls, ID

What is your position on Prop 8? Are you Pro-life or Pro-choice? The Church leaders have made clear statements on these issues.


I know,
and I stand with the Church.

1. I don't live in California - so Prop 8 is really none of my business.
...and I don't want California telling us what to do here in Utah.

"The Chur
ch teaches its MEMBERS....abortion is a most serious matter and should be considered only after the persons involved have consulted with their local church leaders and feel through personal prayer that their decision is correct.

The Church has not favored or opposed legislative proposals or public demonstrations concerning abortion."

Allowing is not banning. The choice [meaning Pro-Choice] is with the woman, the family, the doctor, and/or her clergy.

i.e., Stay out of it, it's none of your business, none of the Government's business, none of the Church's business doesn't tell the other 99.9%'s of America's non-LDS-Citizens what to do.

Suggest - yes.
Force - never.


Van Jones WAS, not is an avowed Communist just like Glenn Beck abused alcohol and drugs in the past not currently. Beck also lied when he stated Van Jones was a criminal who spent time in prison. What kind of person lies about another person with the end result the person ends up resigning his job so as not to be a distraction?
An honest person hears the rumor, checks out the rumor BEFORE repeating the rumor over and over for weeks. How long does it take to call the governor of Louisiana or FEMA? How long does it take to fly from NY to LA to debunk the rumor?

There are many more examples of Beck's untrue smears of others. Good riddance.


Whatever George Romney had, is it possible that it skipped a generation? With or without Bloomberg or any other magazine cover, a half-way decent Republican candidate, Mormon or otherwise, would be well ahead in the polls and a slam-dunk in November.

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