Degrees worth investing in

Published: Friday, June 14 2013 5:21 p.m. MDT


A new study by Bankrate.com ranks 20 popular professions according to the return on investment after receiving a degree in the specified field.

The ranking takes into account the median pay of the profession, as well as the cost of the necessary degree to determine the amount of time an employee in that field will likely take to pay back their student loans.

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Sandy, UT

Median of 113k? What did I do wrong? In over 30 years as a lawyer, at my highest rate of pay I'd need a telescope to see 113K.

Dr Guber
slc, UT

#7 is way off too. WAY WAY WAY OFF. This info is absolutely old and should be taken down. I'm a Family Medicine Resident about to graduate. My tuition was $40,000 for 4 years, with the government interest 6.5-8%. My grand total I have to make payments on is just under $400,000. My starting salary if I'm lucky would be $120K in Utah. I will have to pay my loans off in 25 years, not ten.
Minimum for Family Medicine is 4 years college, 4 years Med school, 3 years residency - 11YRS.
Not a degree worth investing in by itself, I'm going to do a fellowship.

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