High school baseball: 3A All-State Team

Published: Friday, June 7 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

Note: The Deseret News picks the MVPs, but the remainder of the all-state teams are based on coaches votes.

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Braves Fan
grantsville, UT

First of all I would like to congratulate all of athletes being recognized for their outstanding play and their listed accomplishments, that being said, I think the method for determining the All State baseball team should be evaluated because it appears to be broken. Baseball is a game of stats and numbers do not lie. Kelby Landon was the catcher for Grantsville High school this year and I would argue that he was the best catcher in the state of Utah at any high school classification, yet he was only recognized as second team. Kelby’s batting average was .488 with over 100 plate appearances. That average would be the highest among ALL players on the 3A first team selection (over 100 points higher than the catcher selected) and in the top 5 at any state classification. He would also be second on the list for home runs and triples with 3 each, third on the list for doubles and RBI’s with 10 and 26 respectively. If putouts were consistently recorded from all schools, I am certain he would be a leader in that category as well. This kid was absolutely overlooked, Look at the numbers they do not lie!

Westside Bulldog
Provo, UT

I applaud the fact that you're standing up for "your guy" in Grantsville. But to think that Kelby's the same caliber of player as a Bronson Larsen, Zac Willis, Jacob Druce, or Lincoln Rivera....(whom you skirted around by not saying his name) is kind of funny. You can argue, but most won't agree with you.

All of the catchers that I've mentioned are going to play college baseball, surely that has something to do with the fact that they've been named 1st Team All-State. The boys mentioned have earned the distinction of being labeled "the best". Those are just the seniors, I haven't even mentioned the underclassmen. I'm not sure where Kelby will be playing college ball but the best of luck to him.

As far as trying to convince people that "stats and numbers do not lie" that's hilarious! Of course they do. When coaches have their underclassmen, wives, or players' mom's taking book don't tell me that everything is legit. Every one of Kelby's accomplishments may very well have been recorded in the book as being factual, but you can't convince baseball people that high school stats are all 100%.

Great year kid!

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