Karl Malone say what Karl Malone gotta say: 25 memorable quotes from the Mailman

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"In that defining moment, when [Jazz team management] shoulda stood up for Jerry Sloan...they chose Deron Williams. And Coach Sloan, being the coach I know and love, said, you know what? We should part the ways...And once Coach Sloan says something, it's history."

Karl Malone said this during an extensive interview with Utah radio station 97.5's The Gordon Monson Show in January of 2012. Deseret News columnist Brad Rock, in addition to Monson, interviewed Malone for a lengthy four hours. Malone talked about the manner in which former coach Jerry Sloan resigned among several other topics.
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Sandy, UT

Mailman don't deliver on Sunday. I know it was not his quote but it was funny

Salem, UT

I gots to get me one of those quotes from Malone

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

One thing about it he told the truth. And I would take his five rings (Wife and kids) any day to Jordans rings.

saratoga springs, UT

The guy was real. You just don't see that much these days.

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