Famous leaks, security breaches in U.S. history

Published: Sunday, June 2 2013 8:43 p.m. MDT


Last Friday it was revealed in the Washington Post that the Chinese hacked into crucial U.S. military networks, gaining access to dozens of weapons systems. "This is billions of dollars of combat advantage for China. They've just saved themselves 25 years of research and development. It's nuts," a senior official told the Post.

While certainly troubling, it isn't the first time the U.S. goverment has found itself with a major intelligence leak or security breach. From the Mexican-American war to WikiLeaks, the U.S. has long been dealing with headline-grabbing intelligence leaks.

Here is a list of 15 of the most famous security leaks/breaches in history.

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Spanish Fork, UT

There is *a lot* more to Bradley Manning's whistleblower leaks than this article suggests. Sure, there are summaries, but it just astounds me how little the press reports on the leaks Manning is accused of releasing. Thoroughly vetted through multiple editors and multiple requests to the Department of Defense itself to make sure it didn't endanger any US servicemen or in-country informants, the Iraqi War logs, the Apache helicopter video, and the rest of the leaks paint a crystal clear picture of operations overseas wherein nobody back home looks at the big picture or the actual affect on the people on the ground. Instead we keep shipping well-meaning troops and trillions of dollars in supplies to do things that make no sense whatsoever. The logs show that definitions of "the enemy" change daily as the US funds petty warlords and dictators one week and then shoot to kill the next.

The Pentagon Papers helped end the Vietnam quagmire and misrepresentations because there were Congressmen and reporters willing to risk their careers. Other than Daniel Ellsberg (of the Pentagon Papers leak) pretty much nobody is willing to put their neck out for truth this time. :(

Eagle Mountain, UT

Talk about a partisan article. Other than a few historical leaks every one of these has a hard slant to it. The writers phrase "the reality of man made global warming" gives you all the information you need to know to re-read this and get the real intent of the author. Its the classic case of a little truth mixed with lies to make you think it is legitimate.

The Deseret news should be embarrassed for running this article.

San Diego, CA

Excellent! DougB Spanish Fork UT.

And only when a POTUS finds the courage to pardon Manning will we know justice.

across the sea
Topeno, Finland

The US Army had their own secret code equal to the "Enigma"... They thought that it had not been opened, till the Finns showed it in Stockholm in 1944 after Finns pulled out of the hostilitiea against the Soviets who had initially attacked Finland in 1939 as according to Stalins and Hitler's plot to divide Europe betweeen themselves.

About the Wkileaks case... It is sad how the media is totally blind on the true victims, the innocent friends of the US that this coward reported to the opposition, the terrorists and tyrants alike. It is utterly disgusting when I read US media about vicious sick, even moneyhungry spies, agents, traitora who do not realize that the information they pit out kills people... not just the US servicemen, but friends of the US, friends of democrazy. It is sad that they, the innocent who follow their beliefs of a better world, are the first that are forgotten... Totally forgotten! Sad, because it happens again, and again.

The lesson of Vietnam was not the 50.000 but the millions who lost their lives in the region after the US pulled out... Nobody remembers them... If the "Liberals" were true Liberals they would.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I think there were a lot of other leaks regarding D-Day that were quite fascinating and led the Germans to believe the attack would be more to the West and at Calais. Even Patton was used as a decoy.

Washington was great at using spies and leaks and the local press. In fact, he might have been the greatest user of spies in military history.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

During the American Revolution, the British were supplied with information on the locations of American troops and supply depots. The leaks came from Benedict Arnold in whom Washington had great confidence as one of his top generals.

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