Top 20 vacation spots in the U.S.

Published: Monday, June 3 2013 6:38 p.m. MDT


Despite the fact that Americans lag behind other wealthy countries when it comes to vacation time, 94 percent of Americans plan to take a leisurely break this summer.

Because of the rebounding economy and increasing consumer confidence, it’s estimated that Americans will spend about $1,200 per person this summer on vacation expenses.

America’s eagerness to relax also comes with some reservations. For example a new study by Trulia shows that vacationers are most likely to look for a vacation home near their permanent residence, instead of hoping flights across the country every summer.

The most common zip codes for vacation homes all rest on the two coasts, but that’s driven largely by the fact that the East and West Coasts are also the most populated regions of the country.

This list of the most popular locations for vacation homes ranges from islands and coastal cities, to quite rural getaways. In fact, one of the most popular vacation sites in America lies in non-coastal Tennessee. Most, however, are in the to-be-expected hotspots of California and Florida.

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

My vote is Provo.

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