Famous Utah YouTubers make guest star appearances

Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 2:59 p.m. MDT

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Utah has become one of the top locations for high-quality YouTube videos. Several Utah YouTubers, also known as Utubers, have built up their channels enough to make their video production a full-time job. Now several Utah YouTube celebrities have joined together to create fun collaborative videos.

According to Ricky Butler, the creator of YouTube advertising company Plaid Social Labs, Utah is the No. 3 location in the world for YouTube celebrities, just behind Hollywood and London.

"Utah is seriously exploding with YouTube celebrities," Butler said. "I think what's happening, specifically with Utah, is that we're the first community that has decided to do quality production."

But not only have Utahns found success, they have formed a community among themselves. Josh Gibson manages the tight-knit community on Facebook where Utubers can coordinate and give advice to each other.

"I think there is an element to it that is especially present in Utah — that everybody is just very willing to help each other out for fairly non-selfish reasons," Gibson said. "I think that is a big reason why Utah YouTubers are so successful. They're not only willing, but love to help each other out."

This close friendship has also resulted in the following videos, which feature Utubers making guest appearances on one another's channels.

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Lindon, UT

Pretty lame list.

West Jordan, UT

There's a Youtube video from Utah that was released in the past three weeks-just search Youtube for TLC Trio Skyfall and you will find it! I won't post the weblink or they probably won't post my comment. It features a LIVE chess set with a James Bond theme set to Adele's Skyfall. It was featured on Chessbase in Germany in both English and Spanish, and on Chess websites around the web. This is a huge collaboration with TLC Trio, World U14 Chess Champion Kayden Troff, model and actor Rhyan Atrice from BYU, actress Shelby Smith from Idaho, Big Idea Studios Jake Bowen (who does the sound engineering for the Piano Guys-Jake did the sound and is one of the LIVE Chess pieces), videographer Brian Wesley who has worked with Lindsey Stirling, and BYU Ballroom dancers. You can also find a lot more info about the video on the Facebook Fan page of TLC Trio or Chess Champion Kayden Troff.

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