It ain't over 'till it's over: Political comebacks from recent history

Published: Sunday, May 26 2013 10:53 p.m. MDT

With Anthony Weiner officially announcing his run for New York City mayor, one has to wonder if the man can overcome his 2011 scandal when as a House representative he resigned after photos and information were released detailing his extramarital affairs. But while a Weiner comeback has been doubted in some circles, he certainly wouldn’t be the first American politician to come roaring back from a scandal. Here’s a look back at some of the biggest political comebacks from recent history.
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chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT


Spitzer was never mayor of NYC.


chase SL

South Jordan, UT

Notice the individuals who run for office--and win--after major sex scandals. Vitter and Sanford, who both won political office again, and Gingrich, who made a serious attempt at the presidency.

I don't understand how all three of them are Republicans. Are Republican voters so eager to forgive? Or is there something else going on here?

Cardston, Alberta

I prefer the model from scripture we know as the prodigal son: forgive willingly but don't give the kid the farm!!

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Again, I wish the D-News would get some historical perspective. How about Richard Nixon who recovered twice with his checkers speech so Eisenhower didn't dump him from the ticket and then losing the 1960 election to come back and win in 1968.

Jerry Brown has came back to be CA governor three times.

How about Marion Barry, convicted of drugs, being reelected mayor of Washington D.C.

Come on fellas, let's dig a little bit.

I mean you could even call Abraham Lincoln the comeback kid after losing to Stephen Douglas in the 1858 Senate election only to beat him in 1860 in the Presidential election.

Heck, how about Grover Cleveland who was elected President, lost the next election and came back and won another election as President.

Sandy, UT

I echo Howard Beal's comments. This is some lazy reporting, particularly your inclusion of Mitt Romney in this list. He lost once and then came back to win later? If you include every politician who's experienced a loss only to later win, you are going to have a very, very long list.

Don Bugg
Prince Frederick, MD

I wonder if some of the commenters above are failing to see the headline that says, "from recent history." I take it for granted that since we're talking about the very recent past, there's no reason for the Deseret News to include Grover Cleveland, Abraham Lincoln, or even Richard Nixon. I also see nothing indicating that this was intended to be an exhaustive list. It's just a list of a few examples. So I guess if you want to pat yourselves on the back for thinking of others, you can have a good time, but it doesn't amount to a reasonable criticism of the Deseret News.

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