BYU, Utah and Utah State 2013 football schedule breakdown

Published: Friday, May 24 2013 12:26 p.m. MDT

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Date: Nov. 23, 2013

Location: South Bend, Ind.

2012 record: 12-1

All-time series: 2-5

Looking back, it seems strange that BYU nearly upset a team last year that finished the season playing for a shot at the national title. But in October 2012, that's exactly what happened when the Cougars came agonizingly close to a signature win before falling to Notre Dame 17-14.

There's a strong possibility that BYU's chance to secure a win over the Fighting Irish may have been better last season than this year. A big reason is because the Notre Dame defense will be stout once again, even with the departure of All-American linebacker Manti Te'o.

Louis Nix III and Stephon Tuitt, both hyped to have NFL-type talent, will anchor the defensive line for Notre Dame, and the linebackers will be strong even without Te'o. Depth is greatest among the secondary, where both corners return along with safety Matthias Farley, making passing difficult against the Irish.

While the Notre Dame offense struggled in 2012, many of its top options return this season, including quarterback Everett Golson. With a bevy of young talent back in the fold and a good core of the offensive line returning, the Irish offensive attack could see a big increase in production this season.
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River Falls, WI

It is going to be tough this year but should be a blast to watch. Go Cougs!

West Valley, Utah

I look forward to week 8 for utah and week for for USU! The home teams vs. the alma mater. Hopefully they'll be competitive unlike when we played BYU a few years ago.
Go Trojans!

Rexburg, ID


I am a BYU fan and I agree that the jury is out on BYU's offense....the proof will be in the pudding.

Concerning the U of U, no comment only to say that this year they sill play Oregon and Stanford.

Utah State will still be a solid team. It kind of was bad that Anderson skipped out on them, but that team will not fall apart because of it. Utah State, by the total body of work they did last year, they were the best D1 school in the state; and the final rankings support that conclusion. The Aggies beat Utah and came close to BYU, so they will be capable of laying some hurt on. Anybody would be foolish to look past them.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Well, here's hoping the Ute players (and fans) don't start talking stupid about Utah State before the game. That could be truly humbling!

On the other hand, Utah has scoreboard on BYU and I hope they enjoy it while it lasts. Three years is a long time to gloat, I sure hope they don't get three more.

Hope springs eternal in Cougar town - bring on the season! I think I'll be seeing the game with my son in Houston (thanks, wives!), here's hoping I can manipulate my work schedule to be in Provo for the Utah game!

Fall cannot come soon enough!

Las Vegas, NV

Let's go football!! Can't wait for August 29th!! It will be the only week I will be rooting against USU.

Go Utes!!


Looking at the schedules, I'd say BYU has 3 probable losses, 2 probable wins, 1 definite win, and the other 6 games could go either way, but some are tougher than others. The offense will be interesting to watch. Hill very good on the run, but unproven as a pocket passer. With his injury last year, will the coaches try to have him play in a style he's not used to, or be as reckless as they were with Nelson? The defense may be similar, but with better competition probably won't have as good of numbers.


Utah's schedule, I see 3 probable losses (I don't count USC here; they are very talented, but the QB situation is a huge question mark, as could be seen when Barkley went out last year), 3 probable wins, 1 definite win, and the other 5 could go either way. The offense should be considerably better. The defense may be about the same, but an improved offense will put them in better position against teams like Arizona, Oregon State and Arizona State.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"...Eric Rowe and Brian Blechen are back at safety."

Is Blechen back at Safety? I thought he was moved to Linebacker...


Utah State is interesting. I see them taking a considerable step back defensively, but offensively should be equal to or better than last year. I see 3 probable losses, 5 probable wins, 1 definite win, and 3 that could go either way. Lots of question marks around all 3 in-state teams, should be intriguing, and hopefully fun, for every team's fans to watch.

West Jordan, UT

This is going to be an interesting season for all the in state teams. Utah has to prove that it can muster and offense that puts just a little bit of fear in the opponent. BYU has to prove that it can continue with the winning schedule now that they are playing a BCS caliber schedule. Utah State has to prove that it wasn't a one-year-wonder last year and that it can reload after losing a few key players to the NFL.

Here's to hoping the Utes can reload the D-line, reload the corners, improve the linebackers, find a replacement for White, and maintain consistency on the o-line. That is a lot of "ifs", but "if" they do some of those things, I think we'll see a 8-4 or 9-3 season with an upward trend for next year.


Don't know why this didn't post the first time. I'd say BYU has 3 probable losses, 2 probable wins, 1 definite win, and the other 6 games could go either way. The offense will be interesting to watch. Hill very good on the run, but unproven as a pocket passer. With his injury last year, will the coaches try to have him play in a style he's not used to, or be as reckless as they were with Nelson? The defense may be similar, but with better competition probably won't have as good of numbers.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes do indeed have a daunting task ahead of them in the Pac-12. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as Utah continues to struggle for a competitive foothold in their elite conference.

USU may well have yet another stellar season in their new conference.

Here's what I don't understand...byu plays "Wisconsin and Notre Dame and home games against Texas and Boise State, in addition to Utah..." and I would throw in USU. Therefore, byu plays six teams respectable teams 3 of which are in a BCS but none are at the top of their conference. While I am not disputing that 2013 is the toughest schedule that byu has ever played (which isn't saying much), there simply is no argument to make that the schedule is BCS caliber. It isn't.

Virginia Beach, Va

Labor day weekend in Virginia is ugly hot and humid. BYU has a tough schedule. Utah has some great teams coming to SLC. The big question mark I have is the new Aggie coach ready to be a head coach ?

CO Ute

So if my math is correct ... the all time records between U of U, BYU, and USU are:
Utah 129 - 61 - 8
BYU 76 - 87 - 7
USU 64- 121 - 7
Spin it however you want but one team has clearly been dominant from a historical perspective. Would love to see the Utes add two more wins this year.

Sandy, UT

@CO Ute

Nobody is too concerned with Utah's record prior to the early 1950's, when the Modern Era of College Football actually began.

Remember, prior to the '50's, those were seasons of 8 games, most every BYU-Utah game was played in SLC and Utah played powerhouses such as West High School and Kearns Rotary.

If you want to talk the Modern Era of College football, well then....

-BYU has a Unanimous National Championship.
-23 Conference Championships.
-Heisman and Outland Trophy winners, among their 23 National Award winners.
(Utah has yet to produce even one player).
-Super Bowl and NFL MVP's
-7 Hall of Famers
-18 Top-25 seasons.
-etc. etc..

And, BYU has produced more All-Americans as well as more Consensus All-Americans, by a factor of 3, than has Utah.

BYU is a National Brand....Utah = Wazzu!

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

all, 19 starters will return for Steve Fairchild

You sure about this? Not only are you a year behind but two, CSU is in its second season with a former Bama offensive coordinator as its head man, Jim McElwain. This mistake is inexcusable. As an aside, what a downer to have to play pathetic teams such as UNLV, Wyo, New Mexico. The MWC is a one team conference with the comers being so far off, and unable to beat anyone outside the conference, including many FCS teams. Just bad football. BTW- Fairchild is the OC at Virginia

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Last year, the Cowboys had seven games determined by a touchdown or less and lost three.

I'm not sure what your point might be here., but a bad team winning 4 of 7 close games is a plus. I doubt Wyoming has the ability to improve on that mark

Danbury, CT

In my 40+ years of watching BYU football, this is perhaps the best schedule the Cougars have EVER had and certainly the most diverse in terms of where these teams are located. Great exposure...now let's field a team we can be proud of exposing!

Also...glancing at USU's schedule reminds me of why I'm glad we're not stuck in Fort Collins and Laramie every year!!

Utes, good luck with Oregon, Stanford and the rest.

Danbury, CT


Love your command of history...but I'd love to see BYU do SOMETHING in OUR era. I remember the glory days too but there's no reason our best days can't be NOW. The Church base we draw from is 5 times what it was 2 or 3 decades ago, our players who have become coaches from that era have more experience than our coaches then, we have better facilities and keep hearing about all the tech. We even had arguably our best defense last year. So what gives??

South Jordan, UT

Teams I'm more interested in watching because their programs aren't all talk include the following: South Carolina, Alabama, Oregon, Stanford, Texas A&M, and I like Nebraska but they may or may not be impressive this year.

South Jordan, UT

No real meat to this story. Just a filler to the season starts.

Salt Lake City, UT

You say modern era and then go circa 1984? Most football writers consider the current "modern era" to have begun the mid 90's with the advent of the Bowl Coalition, Bowl Alliance followed by the Bowl Championship Series. Most make this distiction because of the role and influx of huge amounts of money that have changed the college landscape. Further more; 1984 becomes even further removed from the "modern era" when you consider the BCS is coming to a close and we are just now moving into the "playoff era".

LaMont Levi Hansen
Provo, UT

Just because you can't handle BYU's success don't start trying to trivialize our peak as being ancient history. 1984 is absolutely the modern era and not that far away in the big picture. I remember it like it was yesterday: Threes Company on TV, The Cars on the radio, "Where's the Beef"... Does that seem like ancient history to you? Come on...

Crestucky, FL

Utes will be lucky to see a winning season in the next 10-years. The Cougars meanwhile are on a definite upswing with a bonifide tough schedule! So glad BYU isn't in the PAC -*!

* = place number here~

Payson, UT

Hypocrisy is crazy down in unhappy valley. "Modern era" defined a when BYu starts when Lavell becomes coach? Hahaha....

Talk schedules. Utah has the toughest schedule, followed by BYU and then utah state. Aggies could have the best team however. Good thing they have a head to head with Utah to prove it, as the rest of their schedule won't prove much.

BYU got lucky playing teams like Boise state and Texas on rebuilding years. They will have a difficult opponent however in Notre dame.

Utes have a very tough challenge in paying 2 of the top 5 teams in Stanford and Oregon. USC, Oregon state and UCLA will also have strong teams, most likely finishing in top 25

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

The starting QB @ Notre Dame (Golson?) is reported to have left the school today, supposedly due to academic violations, meaning that the game just got a little more winnable for BYU. Still, I don't want to get too hyped up this year until BYU puts their money where their mouth is and wins some of the big games on their schedule.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"1984 is absolutely the modern era and not that far away in the big picture."

Wrong and wrong. There wasn't a single player on BYU's team that was even alive when BYU won it's NC.

Sandy, UT

Blechen has moved to LB, Morris Edwards is the starter at SS. He will see competition from Tevin Carter in the fall.

Elk Grove, CA

My prediction is that BYU will be 8-4 or 9-3 for the season, depending on a win or loss against the Utes. Utah State will probably be 9-3 for the season. Considering the Utes' difficult schedule, I don't see things getting any better than 3-9 or 4-8 (the latter if they continue their streak against the Cougars. The latter season ending records will make the Cougars and Aggies bowl game eligible while the Utes will have to wait a few years to become bowl game eligible with such grueling schedules. I think Coach Whittingham will have to start pulling off one or two winning seasons in the next three years or he will be replaced. I don't imagine Coach Whittingham being given more than a five year grace period to get the Utes up to par in the PAC-12. One thing I learned about Ute football over the last three decades is that the U of U has no fear about replacing head coaches.

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