Top scandals and controversies of each United States president

Published: Monday, May 20 2013 12:51 p.m. MDT

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While the nation’s first president is viewed universally with love, George Washington often had a rocky and contentious relationship with his Congress.

In 1795, George Washington approved of the Jay Treaty, attempting to normalize the still-volatile relations with Great Britain. In return for the pulling of British troops out of forts across the West and compensation for seized merchant ships, the British were given favored-nation trade status. The Jeffersonian party of Congress reacted violently to the treaty, favoring the French over the British. Thomas Jefferson repeatedly accused Washington of treason.

In Washington’s farewell address, he planned to spend a considerable portion of it refuting these charges, but the speech was later edited and ended up warning of political parties.
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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Another good job presenting information without the usual media bias.

Thank You!

Everett, 00

Let me get this straight....

5,000 dead Americans,
75,000 wounded,
$3 Trillion Un-Funded dollars spent,
a war started, an offensive invasion commenced in a country who never attacked the United States
-- based on lies, half truths, and unsubstantiated Weapons of Mass Destruction -- so an Industry could have access to cheap Middle eastern Oil.
The entire economic meltdown of the world's top economic nation!

And the only scandal or controvers the Deseret News mentions with GW Bush is 11 Federal Judges and Karl Rove resign?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Article obviously written by loyal republican.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

So I guess Andrew Jackson ordering the removal of all American Indians west of the Mississippi and illegally seizing their lands and not following even a Supreme Court decision on the matter doesn't qualify?

Durham, NC

airnaut - to a large extent, I agree with you.... but I don't see this still as a republican white wash. There was only so much room, and the Iraq is still an story that isn't closed. I give the writer the benefit of the doubt... he actually had the guts to bring up the Reagan story... though he did couch if the administration was involved.

Here we are questioning if Obama knew about the IRA and Libya actions.... but we can conclude the the US sold weapons to Iran and fund the contras without knowledge of the white house. Its a bit of a stretch. That and the killing of over 400 in Lebanon...

But on balance..... a reasonably balance representation

Poplar Grove, UT

@Airnaut, UtahBlueDevil
I would have though the whole Florida hanging chad, supreme court gives GWB the election is a bigger scandal as well.

Everett, 00

Poplar Grove, UT
@Airnaut, UtahBlueDevil
I would have though the whole Florida hanging chad, supreme court gives GWB the election is a bigger scandal as well.

7:04 a.m. May 21, 2013


Forgot that one.

Selected - Not Elected.

Controversy, I'd say.


I dunno. Everyone knows a Florida Supreme Court trumps the U.S. Supreme Court every time but this one. No wonder Democrats made fun of "birthers."

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