Iconic presidential images from the last 50 years

Published: Friday, May 6 2011 1:29 p.m. MDT

Associated Press
From the death of Osama bin Laden to impeachment scandals and the fall of the Berlin Wall, presidents of the United States have been witnesses to and part of history. Here's a look at some of the iconic photos that captured presidential moments ranging from the private and tender to moments when the nation and the world changed forever.
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Provo, UT

Let's see, 9 out of 10 of those weren't staged

Sandy, UT

Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, not for "personal indiscretions with a White House intern". These were serious charges for an attorney and the president of the United States.

Stockton, UT

Bill Clinton was not impeached for having an affair with an intern.

He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. And while the Senate refused to remove him from office, he was disbarred for the perjury and obstruction after he left office.

When did the Deseret News begin sugar coating adultery? Bill Clinton is a married man. He engaged in sexual conduct with a young woman, not his wife. He did so under the same roof he shared with his wife. He did so in the official office of the President of the United States. Oral sex and sex play involving cigars are not merely "personal indiscretions." They are an affair; adultery.

For the owners of the Deseret News and the bulk of your readers, such sexual misconduct ranks as the 3rd most serious sin after only denying the Holy Ghost and the shedding of innocent blood.

The command to judge righteously is not a license to sugar coat or downplay. Quite the contrary.

When good men refuse to call a spade a spade, evil begins to overtake good.

As a newspaper should be well aware, words matter.

"Adultery", "extra-marital affair". Not merely "indiscretion."

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

Hillary was stifling a cough? Really? In a room with probably the most filtered air in the world, she was having an allergic reaction?

Tell me another one. Her future as a politician is now a sealed book.

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