The offseason status of NFL players with Utah ties

Published: Friday, May 17 2013 9:12 a.m. MDT

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Position: Quarterback

College: BYU

Beck, who spent part of the 2012 season with the Houston Texans, is currently an unrestricted free agent.

Beck was released by the Texans in October of 2012.

According to NBC Sports, Beck was invited to the New Orleans Saints' rookie minicamp on a tryout basis.
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ji bae
Saint George, UT

You should probably add that Collie hasnt received interest because his knee is not ready yet.

Santaquin, UT

Did I miss B. Poppinga, D. Nixon, and A. Francisco? I thought Poppinga was with Dallas late last year but it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.

Saint George, UT

If Derrick Shelby didn't see any playing time last year, how did he end up with 8 tackles?

West Valley, Utah

I wish Asiata the best. I live near where he did and have seen his family around town a few times in the past.


The Utes outnumber BYU 2 to 1, which is consistent with the direction both teams are headed. And according to the article, most of BYU's NFL players are not even in line to get significant minutes. Utah has 11 starters as compared to BYU's 3, and Utah has 5 current Pro-Bowlers compared to BYU's 1.

It's a great time to be a Ute!!

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

You keep telling yourself that, Go Red. Just remember it when you are once again the bottom of the PAC and are at home for the holidays.


Coach Biff

What do your comments have toward what I said about the head-to-head comparison between the U and BYU? Are we a little sensitive concerning your team's performance against the Utes?

Mesa, AZ

The disparity in numbers between UTAH-byu in The NFL matches, perfectly, with what we've come to see/expect on the field-of-play between these two schools, annually--A UTAH victory. Good times.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Nope. You just seem to be deluded about the direction of your program. The highlight of your season was beating us. Pathetic, cosidering that you play in the mighty PAC. Seems your measuring stick should be a little loftier. Proof positive that little brother syndrome is alive and well on the hill. Call me when the HOF claims one of your boys.

Idaho Falls, ID

Isn't it nice to have 3 teams in Utah that can claim the better team. It certainly will be an interesting year for each team. I do root for any team playing the Y except when the Y plays Gary Andersons team. It appears that at least one team will be on national TV a lot this Fall. I wonder if that means that the national audience wants to see one of the teams play each week. Hmmmmm...... I wonder which team that would be? Go Utes - beat your little brother down south As for the True Blue up North - Remain the best team in Utah again this year.


Forgot Manase Tonga. He was with the Raiders last year but didn't get resigned.

Payson, UT

Is Harvey unga out of the nfl then?

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

You forgot about Brad Sorensen from Southern Utah.

Saint George, UT

What about Brad Sorenson from SUU? You even featured him two weeks ago on your front page of the sports section. You gotta add him.

LaMont Levi Hansen
Provo, UT

The only reason you Utes have more NFL players than BYU is we aren't interested in recruiting future NFL players. The reason I know this is we've never had someone that had an offer from us decline it - therefore, if we wanted players like that we'd get them. Plus future NFL players usually aren't smart enough to play at BYU. You need something like a 32 ACT and 3.9 GPA to play on the football team.

Provo, UT

weddle all pro for 3 straight years? That guy is a stud... I predicted he would be a steal in the second round, and boy was I right!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Happy to see Aggies doing well in the NFL. Seattle has become my favorite. Can't wait to see which USU players have a break out season this fall. Lookout MWC!

Las Vegas, NV

Is Coach a little bitter? Appears so.

Once the rosters are pared down, and the active rosters are announced, USU will be ahead of byU in the number of players on active rosters. DN was VERY liberal when they included some of the byU players in the article.

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Mesa, AZ


"The reason I know this is we've never had someone that had an offer from us decline it...."

Certainly this must be a complete joke?

Enid, OK

Why the jealousy and hatred towards BYU?

Because they're good.

If the Cougars were worthless then Utah fans would ignore them completely.

The fact that they don't speaks volumes.

I Love Utah. However, many of their fans?....eh, not so much.

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