A closer look at the Utah Jazz's 2013 pre-draft workout participants

Published: Monday, June 24 2013 11:39 a.m. MDT

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Western Washington

At a glance: 6-1, 190 pounds, 22 years old

2012-13 stats: 18.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, 4.5 assists

Why the Jazz are interested: A little-known product out of Western Washington, Allen brings solid scoring and decent playmaking to the table.

Allen was an above-average shooter in college, hitting 46.2 percent of his shot attempts last season while adding over a steal a game per contest.

Quick and decisive whether driving to the hole or rising up for a shot, Allen's lack of size and athleticism are the biggest concerns.
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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I'm surprised Kelly Olynk isn't on the list. He could be available at #14.

Sturgis, MS

If Kelly Olynk is available when the Jazz turn comes, they will take him. This is just the first six to come in for a work out. None of these are expected to be first round choices with the possible exception of Wolters and he is projected as a late first rounder at best. I hope the Jazz get Wolters and Olynk.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Very cool Terry; Thanks for the Clarification.

Richfield, UT

Don't be surprised if the Jazz draft Dennis Schroeder of Germany. He dropped out of the combine after some team made him a promise to draft him if he would drop out and not showcase himself. I'm betting it was the Jazz.

Tokyo, Japan


i hope you are right...Schroeder could be the PG we are waiting for...i wouldnt mind having myck as well...as a backup

Las Vegas, NV

I doubt Schroeder will be picked by the Jazz because his offensive game is so limited. The Jazz need guys to put the ball in the basket. Larkin would be a better pick but not at #14. Muhammad would be ideal unless someone like Carter-Williams fell to the Jazz.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I sure hope the Jazz don't make a mistake and draft a sub 6'0 PG. History says it is absolutely rare that they ever become or do well as starters.

The Jazz need an athletic lengthy perimeter defender who can distribute. If we don't get better defenders this team won't go anywhere. Even if they are just an average shooter we need those other qualities in a big way.

All you people who whined about the Jazz fighting to get into the playoffs because they would miss the lottery got your wish....unfortunately. There are very few superstars or even starters in this draft. We will be lucky to come away with even a rotation player out of this draft. If there is a star in the draft he will be missed by many...kind of like Lillard was because there just is no obvious great talents that are going to change a franchise.

Lindsey and O'Conner have their work cut out for them in a big way. People will be doing alot of complaining about their picks is my guess. They can only pick from what is there though which isn't saying much.

Richfield, UT

@ Jazz Source, Schroeder is 6' in bare feet but has a 6'7" wingspan.

Temecula, CA

It is a legitimate point that Schroeder's height will at times hurt him, both defending and seeing cutters, etc. Thing is, he's really quick and that will help him move quickly to get a window. How about the 6'10 PG they are calling the Greek freak? Tall enough?

Burley, ID

Since it's likely that Adams, Zeller and Olynyk will be gone before the Jazz get to pick. My preference would be:

Schroeder at 14
Larkin at 21
Wolters at 46

The most pressing need the Jazz have is to find a point guard who can run the team and be a reasonable threat to score from the outside. All three of the above seem to have those crucial abilities.

I know the conventional wisdom would be for the Jazz to pick up at least one big man in the draft, but in my opinion, I think the Jazz would be better off finding a big via free agency or a player who didn't end up getting drafted.

Tokyo, Japan

every time i look at Schroeder...im starting to believe that he might not stay in Utah long term...he is athletic and loads of potential...but i think he's the sort of guy who would want the limelight...if the Jazz could get Jose Calderon...i think he would only be a temporary fix...i think that we really dont need a score first PG...we need someone that would really distribute the ball...and would score only if needed...i think this draft is deep in the sense that there would be a lot of role players here..i would believe and trust Lindsey that he has done everything to prepare for the draft and for the offseason...and i have faith in him...i will give him 5 years...before i start calling him out...

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