Eleven big stories for the month of April

Published: Saturday, April 30 2011 5:06 p.m. MDT

Charles Dharapak, Associated Press
With loads and loads of information on the web, there are a lot of stories each month that you, our readers, may have missed. The following is a list of eleven of our biggest stories for the month of April ranked according to the number of reader views. This is a feature that we could continue each month if considered worthwhile. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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Woods Cross, UT

The article of a Glenn Beck apologist about Glenn Beck is #1??? The Deseret News is becoming as disconnected from reality as the Birther movement.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I agree with "Oatmeal." That the deaths of 350 people (and counting) from some of the worst storms in decades take a back seat not only to Beck, but also to various sports and a TV reality show speaks volumes about how informed (or, really, uninformed) DN readers are. Seeing what the average DN reader thinks, by a headline, is the most important thing to click on and read (the winner: Glenn Beck) is a sad and scary story all by itself. At least, seeing this, I can somewhat understand how Fox (cable) News can so easily fool these people into thinking they are watching actual news when, in fact, they are often watching commentary.

Cedar Hills, UT

oatmeal and petra
too bad you are so obsessed with Glenn Beck and Fox News. Apparently they are helping others to think for themselves and giving another perspective to the news of our day. Just another fooled person.
ps. I listent to all of the DNC news outlets, NBC, CBS, CNN, Al Jazeera. Then I compared them to FOX News and the difference in learning between the two sides is astounding. The propaganda news outlets of the left is shameful.

Woods Cross, UT


Yeah. Fox News just drips with learning. Really educated people watch Fox News. Nice try.

Durham, NC

" I listent to all of the DNC news outlets, NBC, CBS, CNN, Al Jazeera."


What, do you get Al Jazeera pod cast delivered to you daily. You get their daily updates? You read their pro Obama and west pieces on the happenings in middle east?

I am sure you were particularly upset by Al Jazeera's piece today titled "Shia in Bahrain: Repression and Regression"... such left leaning pro muslim pieces like that.

I particularly love the interview with the dear former UN Ambassador who was on to complain that the US was not being tough enough on the Syrian regime. He boldly proclaimed that this regime has been evil for a long time now, and that Obama was not doing enough to end it. Not once did the hard hitting crack news team challenge him or ask him what the Republican administration do to end that same regime. Evidently, a long time is defined by the length Obama has been in office.

This is the "balanced" news you are referring to? The same Fox News.

It is a shame that Fox and Beck loom larger in the minds of Utahns than the lives lost recently.

American Fork, UT

I wonder if the Glenn Beck story was somehow more unique than stories about the tornados. CNN would probably be a better source for a story about tornados in Alabama.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Glenn Beck ani't squat, I'm a great American, a constitutionalist, a pragmatist, a utilitarian, a rugged individual and a man who respects logic over political correctness.

Welcome to my World Mr Beck.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Glenn Beck is a comedian.

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