Movie moms: What 12 Oscar-nominated roles say about Hollywood

Published: Tuesday, May 7 2013 11:21 p.m. MDT

The portrayal of motherhood on the silver screen is diverse. Here are some of the most memorable movie roles of recent vintage in which an actress portrayed a mom. Drawing exclusively from the ranks of Academy Award nominees for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, here are a dozen Oscar-worthy "mom roles" that show mothers in a wide array of circumstances, from a stay-at-home mom fighting for her life in the wake of a disastrous tsunami, to a single mother working as a waitress and fretting about what she can do for her son's asthma, to an elderly widow learning tolerance in the twilight of her life.

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Salt Lake City, UT

You've **got** to be kidding!?

The list starts out with movies like "The Impossible" and "The Blindside" then quickly descends into movies like "Throw Mama From The Train".

The reporter describes these movies with the following, "...the common thread these roles share is that each illustrates Hollywood's intermittent willingness to highlight strong mothers who convey messages of inspiration and empowerment.

Does the "reporter" **honestly** find **any** part of a message about the inspiring "empowerment" of mothers in a movie like, "Throw Mama From The Train"?

If I hadn't double-checked the calender I would wonder if this were some sort of "April Fools" day joke.

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