7 recruits who have already committed for the 2014 college football season

Published: Monday, May 6 2013 12:20 a.m. MDT

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Position: Offensive Tackle

Granger High School

Committed to the University of Utah

Frison’s path to a scholarship at Utah is reminiscent of the 2009 film The Blind Side. The 6-foot-7 inch, 310-pound goliath began playing organized football for the first time as a junior, and quickly worked his way into Granger’s starting lineup.

Frison has tremendous athleticism and quickness for his size and has shown an affinity for learning the game that will serve him well as he prepares to play at the next level. Despite his inexperience, Frison has already shown on the camp circuit that he can compete against top-level competition.

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South Jordan, UT

Looking forward to seeing these recruits play up on the hilll. All of them. Utah, Michigan, BYU and Arizona State. Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I love our BCS Pac 12 membership.

Combine that with our top 5 finishes lately, BCS bowls, BCS wins, undefeated seasons, last team in nation to beat Alabama in a bowl game, there are clear reasons the days of byu winning the recruiting wars are over.

The future of football in Utah,


Payson, UT

Congrats to all the kids who have done so will. Best wishes and stay healthy.

Morgan, UT

Chris B.

The future is always what Ute fans say...Utah is the future, the problem is that it is not in the present!

Two to three years from now we will read from Chris B., "The future of football in Utah is Utah"

But it is good to always keep hope...perhaps some day the future might come...not.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This Barton kid grew up in Park City and I knew his family well (we were in the same ward). He was a lot younger than me but I have always been impressed by him. He is a sharp kid. Obviously a great athlete, but also a great student and person. Very humble. Great pick up for the Utes!

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Unfortunately, my little sister forgot to mention Utah's steady decline since those halcyon days of 2008... from undefeated, Top 5, Sugar Bowl winner to losing record, unranked, bowl no show in only 5 years. Two full seasons in the conference, and we still haven't beaten a PAC 12 opponent with a winner record yet.

Despite our bluster, we were clearly only the third best team in the state last season.

#16/#17/#19 Utah State(10-3)
unranked/#26 BYU(8-5)
unranked/#61 Utah(5-7)

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID


BYU fan here...

Presently, Utah football has been pretty good. It's Utah that won the Fiesta & Sugar bowls. They've also won three in a row against BYU.

So, I don't know what you've been watching, but it's been our team that keeps talking about the future.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Christy B,
Just a little FYI on winning the battle.

Frison= No offer from BYU
Havili=No offer from BYU
Finau= No offer from BYU
Jackson= No offer from BYU

Not to hard to win a battle that you are the only one in. lol

Sounds right..
Cedar city, UT

Chris B has not clue about football or sports in general. The only thing he can say is he loves the PAC 12. I don't know why he likes it so much Utah probably doesn't like it much because they never win.


"Barton is the highest rated prospect to come out of the state of Utah in the last decade and will be looked upon to anchor the Ute offensive line for years to come."

You never know what's going to happen until they start competing at the college level, but this is still great to hear.

Las Vegas, NV

Nice job Dan. Looking forward to your insight in the DN.

River Falls, WI

There are some pretty impressive 2014 recruits for Utah from Utah (which constitute all their early commits). There are also some pretty impressive recruits for BYU, but four of the five early commits are from out-of-state so they didn't make it into this article. It's great to see that both schools are off to a good start for the 2014 class.

Salt Lake City, UT

ChristyB ignores the obvious "Unfortunately, my little sister forgot to mention Utah's steady decline since those halcyon days of 2008"
What you see as a decline in results is actually a steep incline in challenge.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

I would have to say that both programs are down at the moment. Utah is getting kicked around in the PAC-12 and BYU basically has no offense. BYU can boast its bowl appearance and win, but Utah can claim in-state bragging rights because of its 3 wins over BYU. Neither program, nationally, has anything to crow about. Trash talking BYU and Utah fans are like a pair of junkyard dogs fighting over the last bone.

U 90
Corona, CA


I suppose the future is brighter as the 2nd or 3rd place in the Independent league, right?

I'm happy where Utah has landed. Make no mistake year two in the PAC12 was a disappointment but year one Utah was in the hunt for the PAC12 championship game right up through the last game of the season which is far more exciting than a regular diet of Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State etc. etc.

Now that BYU has a real schedule, lets see if the Cougs can do better than 8-5 or even 5-7.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

So people can tell who is commenting:

Chris B is an enthusiastic fan who talks football and talks trash against Utah's main traditional rival. But, he does talk football.

Christy B is nothing more than an ad hominem attack.


bballjunkie, BYU not having offered Barton or Havili appears to be more a matter of recruiting ineptitude than a statement that those players aren't good enough to play at BYU. Of BYU's 5 recruits:

Dawe: no other offers
Dye: no other offers
Pau'u: no other offers
Nacua: one other offer (ASU)
Warner: two other offers (NM State, Wash State)

"Not to (sic) hard to win a battle that you are the only one in. lol"

I will say, however, that BYU's LB prospect Warner looks pretty good and should be an impact player, so if he stays, congrats.

Orem, UT

It is interesting that nearly all the elite athletes in the state are going to the University of Utah or other BCS schools. That alone says a lot about the decision of BYU to go independent.

Pleasant Grove, UT

That's not the point for Chrissy and anyone else who wants to compare a "battle or war over in state recruits" the two teams better have offered them to make that argument. If BYU would have then kudos to the utes however, they didn’t offer any of them. Stop with then the comparing of BYU list, which consist of 1 in state kid. Not even in the same discussion. Thanks though, love ute fans.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Last 5 NFL drafts

Utah has 15 players drafted

BYU has 4.

CO Ute

@bbjunkie - your comment about offers, while factual, is extremely off-base. There are a lot of reasons the Y wouldn't make an offer. One of the reasons could be academic standards, another could be poor recruiting for not going after the player. A third could be that the recruit flat out told them he wasn't interested in playing in Provo.
When your recruiting lineup is filled with 4 and 5 star kids, you can use the excuse your team didn't make an offer. Until then the fact is that 6 of the 7 players in this article are going to schools in major conferences and Utah picked up 4 of the 5 staying in state.

Springville, UT

And Korey, a THREE star recruit, who played over at East High, the Ute 'farm' team down the hill, went to ASU... and the Utes didn't even offer him... blah blah blah.

So much for all the talent lining up at Utah because of their PAC10.2 membership.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

It is much easier for Utah. There are far fewer kids who can meet the requirements of BYU. Utah will take about anyone who can play so they may get more early commits from in-state. Time will tell how these players do. They have been given a chance. Now it is up to them.

Mesa, AZ

UTAH's recruiting/offered 4 of the top 6 WEST DEs, including the top 3.

Korey Rush is not ranked in the WEST top 10 DEs. Not to say he's no good, but just simply to further illustrate kids we're targeting and kids we're not targeting. The fact he happened to play at East H.S. is wholly irrelevant.

Meanwhile, byu's relentlessly cornering the market on 2 star recruits, w/few exceptions.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Nice to see Utah taking care of business recruiting wise on the home front. Now it's time to get back to our winning ways. Last season was extremely dissapointing.


Provo, UT

wow people... I've come to realize that preseason rankings and recruit rankings are a complete waste of time. It's just another way for businesses to profit off of people who can't help but buy into the hype.

The game is played on the field. The reality is, byu will get most of the players they want/need, and utah will get most of the players they want/need. It's the coaching and work ethic of the players when they get to college that matters.

I don't understand why Ute fans bash on byu. Yes we have beaten them consistently, but we haven't been so great either. I also don't understand how byu fans could possibly think their team is better than the utes... Both sides should just keep quiet until game time.

West Jordan, UT

4 years ago all these players had byu offers, and half would be committed to them. How quickly things have changed and now bronco doesn't even seem to try to recruit against Utah any more. Up until 2 years ago all players in the state when asked who there top schools where all listed byu, even non lds players and Kids that grew up Utah fans would throw the y out there. The last 2 years none of them even mentions the y. Bronco seems more content going up against the aggies for players.

Baltimore, MD


Utah's steady decline began while the Utes were still in the MWC. Trying to pretend that it's nothing but a factor of increased competition is simply ignoring reality.

Salt Lake City, UT

The utes have two advantages in recruiting - lower academic standards and lower personal conduct standards. They make Whit's job easier.

Mesa, AZ

Baltimore, MD

"Utah's steady decline began while the Utes were still in the MWC. Trying to pretend that it's nothing but a factor of increased competition is simply ignoring reality."

Huh? Just a couple of years prior to PAC-12 entry, UTAH was in the process of yet another brutal curb-stomping of byu, folliwed by straight whooping Alabama in yet another one of their BCS Bowl Games and, consequently, finishing ranked #2 in the nation by their actual play, as opposed to having it Mythically/Erroneously assigned to them, the former beating 4 teams finishing ranked, including 2 in the top 10 and the latter not even remotely playing one, single team to be found in the final rankings.

You speak as if we've had a full-decade or something pass by since then....No knowledgeable UTE Fan was confused about the need to build the requisite-depth mandatory, in order to successfully play against a week-in, week-out grind of a schedule, annually, an entirely foreign-concept to byu, we all know, although this upcoming season will have slightly fewer weeks-off in-between the tougher teams on the schedule, like Idaho, NMSU, etc., annually.

Mesa, AZ

And leave it to 4601 to surface and put forth, in typical fashion, yet another utah county feel good/coping mechanism by way of a Myth, in the Spirit of Desperation commonplace these days in this region, but you also feed directly into the hands of LDS naysayers, in general, w/your overall presentation in which you try extra hard to behave as utterly unChristlike as you possibly can.


Pleasant Grove, UT

Really you have first hand knowledge of who BYU offers and who they don't? Great argument...not at all. Your post is not even in the same conversation! Nice thoughts!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah's steady decline began while the Utes were still in the MWC. Trying to pretend that it's nothing but a factor of increased competition is simply ignoring reality.


Over the last 5 years (3 MWC and 2 PAC-12 seasons):

Utah went 33-6 in the MWC
SOS: 56, 75, and 50

Utah is 13-12 in the PAC-12
SOS: 49, 41

The difference is Utah has lack of depth playing in the PAC-12, in particular at QB. Depth will take time to build. Getting the top in-state recruits is crucial in building depth. Good to see Utah is now the top choice for in-state recruits.


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@BBall Junkie

Do you honestly think that BYU would have turned any of the players you mentioned away? If you believe that; maybe I can interest you in some ocean front property here in Spokane.

Idaho Falls, ID


Very "reasonable" comments. Kudos to you. From a BYU fan.
Personally I am OK about trashing idiotic statements from idiotic fans, but it is hard to talk smack about the Utah football team when they have beaten us head to head the last 3 years. I just don't get people who do.

Pedro Sanchez
Magna, UT

We're not holier than thou! We're not obsessed with U! And we prefer two star recruits. With grit!

Orem, UT


2008 #2/#4/#5 13-0
2009 #18/#18/#24 10-3
2010 unranked/#26 10-3
2011 unranked/#39 8-5
2012 unranked/#61 5-7 no bowl

From #5 to #24 to #26 to #39 to #61 the continual downward trend is blatantly obvious.

Blame it on increased competition if it helps you sleep at night, but that still doesn't change the fact that the Utes have finished lower in the rankings every year since 2008.

Provo, UT


Yeah... I have no problem with rivalry smack, that's half the fun of the rivalry. I just don't understand why people use recruiting rankings or other kinds of rankings as smack talk ammunition. I personally don't talk smack. I was born and raised, and currently am living in Provo, and I am LDS so naturally most people around me are byu fans. I don't rub it in when Utah wins, I don't talk smack before the game, or after. However, if people want to talk smack about what is actually relevant (results on the field), I am ok with that. Just don't see how rankings of any kind matter when it comes to the rivalry.

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