Summer movie preview: What can families expect?

Published: Tuesday, April 30 2013 11:49 p.m. MDT

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Five years after the first “Iron Man” got the ball rolling on the Marvel cinematic universe, Robert Downey Jr. returns to kick off Phase 2.

Downey’s involvement alone is probably enough to guarantee another hit for Marvel.

Although the trailers look awfully grim, with “Lethal Weapon” scribe Shane Black at the helm, audiences can expect “Iron Man 3” to feature plenty of Tony Stark’s trademark humor to offset the explosive action.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Umm, lessee. Zombies, comic book superheroes, sci-fi, action shootemups, animation, TV retreads. Big studios. With the exception if Austenland there is nary an independent film to be found on the list (and would Austenland have made the cut if Jerusha Hess and Stephanie Meyer were not involved?). What is the thinking family to do?

I remember a few years back sitting in the Broadway watching the trailers and realizing that every film featured was G or PG rated. Granted, they were docs, but they were all things an entire family (parents and kids) could enjoy without wincing or being bored to tears-- Mad Hot Ballroom, Winged Migration, Word Wars. Is there nothing this summer but fluff?

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