How much do you know about Planet Earth?

Published: Monday, April 22 2013 12:41 a.m. MDT

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Jeffrey Allred, Deseret News
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Ogden, UT

How old is our earth? How quickly are we destroying it?

Burley, ID

The age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years, plus or minus .05 billion years.

We are not destroying the Earth. It will still be here long after we are gone. We are; however, polluting it and depleting many of its resources.

Springville, UT

Since we're into doing quizzes, here's a question for Matthew Hartvigsen and his fellow DesNews staffers:

Who were the founders of Earth Day?

Who was Ira Einhorn?

I think it's important for the readers to know about the people behind some of the movements that you think society needs to accept.

I happen to be one who saw this movement for what it was as a youngster and I remember some of the people, like Ira, who pushed it. And I'm not an admirer.

Kaysville, UT

Can anybody name single,solitary resource we have depleted? Please! Of course we should use common sense to pick up litter and avoid dirtying our water, but that's not the Earth Day gang's political agenda. Their agenda is always the same for any perceived issue: higher taxes, more spending and more regulations!

Woods Cross, UT

The earth does NOT revolve around the sun. If that were true, every year we would be at the exact same spot in space we were exactly a year earlier. As the sun is moving through space, as our solar system moves within the galaxy, we are never at the same spot (well, okay, every 5B years or whatever). The earth is chasing the sun around the galaxy. You tube it.

Woods Cross, UT

MapleDon, according to Wikipedia, while Einhorn claims to have been the organizer and master of ceromonies at the first Earth Day, there are others who dispute that. Considering what this main did, I tend to believe those who dispute him and I do not associate him with the Earth Day celebration.

Farmington, UT

Headline should be changed to "How much do you know about American's garbage patterns?" That is what several of the questions were about, not about the "earth."

Provo, UT

@BYR: Actually, the earth does revolve around the sun. You are correct in the fact that the sun revolves around the center of the galaxy (every 200 million years, if you care to know), but despite this the earth does indeed revolve around the sun, in much the same way that the moon revolves around the earth while we revolve around the sun. It all has to do with reference frames. We can validly say that the sun does not in fact move, that it is the rest of the universe that moves, and physics will agree with us in that reference frame. In that reference frame, the earth does in fact come back to the same point every year. Bear in mind this is a very silly sort of model, yes of course the sun moves around the galaxy, and the earth moves with it in its comfortable orbit.

one old man
Ogden, UT

What resources have we depleted? Well, let's see. There is no more bauxite to be mined in the United States, yet we fail to recycle more aluminum every year than would be needed to completely rebuild our fleet of airliners. Then there is oil, which is rapidly being depleted around the world. And what of soil? We have depleted much of our farmland and are totally dependent upon chemical fertilizers provided by DuPont and others. I could go on for quite awhile, but DN limits us.

As for Ira Einhorn. Better do some research on that one. He claimed to have been a founder of Earth Day, but there is scant evidence to prove that claim. That is one of those myths propagated by people who place profits above clean air or water or wise use of what resources we do have.

When we have depleted adequate fresh water supplies around the world, things will REALLY become interesting. And that, my friends is coming some day. It's already here in some places like Las Vegas.

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