Utah Jazz: Breaking down free agency, the 2012-13 Jazz roster and the future

Published: Friday, April 19 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Years in the NBA: 8

Contract status: $7.5 million (player option)

The only Jazz player holding an option to return to Utah, Williams' future in Utah is all but a certainty. Williams showed flashes of brilliance throughout the year, but failed to remain consistent and was relegated to the bench by the end of the season in favor of Gordon Hayward.

Given Williams' production this season, he would be foolish to not exectute his player option. Should he choose to come back, next year will be a contract year for him. If he wants to continue to demand $7.5 milliion per year, the former No. 2 overall draft pick will have to produce much more.

On summer plans: Take some time off and then get back to work.

Quotable: "I was blessed to play with a great group of guys... There were times when we couldn't get a win but guys were still coming in being positive, still working hard. The coaching staff was positive, they were still working hard. We worked our way out of that rut. I think that's the thing I like most is I was able to play with a great group of guys."
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Roosevelt, UT

The Jazz have accumulated too many mediocre players like the junk yard dog, Jeremy Evans, Kevin Murphy. No other contending teams in the NBA would be after any of these players and neither should the Jazz. I hope they have that figured out.

If the Jazz keep Hayward, Favors, Kanter and Burk then they should get Tinsley to return to oversee things in the locker room. When Jerry was here he did a lot of that but Corbin has his hands full with on court stuff.

The Jazz having deep pockets will have little effect or meaning in the free agent market as free agents with big upside are already being courted by contenders. This year when the Jazz lose Milsap or Jefferson they will be net contributors (losers) in the free agent market.

The team needs Foye, imagine Foye vs Korver where one can and will play defense and will shoot shots in crunch time and was a game changer in several games while here. Korver changed the games while here but it was not for the good, the other teams got to play 5 on 4 against the Jazz while Kover was on the floor.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I was a little surprised to read that Carrol was "unlikely to return." I would think he would be someone the Jazz would like to have on the roster and he seems to like being part of the Jazz.

Saint George, UT

Four months ago I never would've dreamed of saying this, but I think we need to bring back Jefferson and let Millsap go. While I love his versatility, Millsap has been far too inconsistent and seems unhappy here whereas Jefferson seems like he wants to be here. I also love the idea of Jefferson and Favors starting at the 5 and 4 positions with Kanter and Evans coming off the bench. I agree with HD that Carroll needs to come back; he's a guy that won't get many minutes but can give maximum effort while he's out there and really impact a game.

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