BYU football: Top 10 position battles to be continued in August

Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 10:02 a.m. MDT

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Jeff Reynolds, Deseret News
The hope was that spring would produce greater clarity and subsequent confidence in the kicking game with either Justin Sorensen or Tyler Jackson emerging as the starter.

It didn't happen.

Despite the extra reps, neither player emerged and the kicking situation appears to be as muddled as ever coming out of spring. Coach Bronco Mendenhall commented that the team will likely be going for it more on fourth down due to neither kicker inspiring much confidence through practice sessions.

Both players will continue to battle in fall, but don't be surprised if at least one other name is added to the mix as neither Sorensen nor Jackson indicated much promise in spring.
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Spanish Fork, UT

Would love to think that the muddle over the kicker is because both are so good that the clear leader hasn't emerged. I'm afraid we may be left with the best of the bad situation.

Iowa City, IA

There has got to be someone on campus who can kick that ball! It's mind boggling to me why Sorenson hasn't put the time in to work out the kinks.

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

Has anyone seen Romy Lakip kick during spring. He is on the Soccer team and scored a goal against the Utes. His younger brother kicks for Clemson and Romy has a great leg.

Frisco, TX

Great article. My eternal optimism feels like we have the right talent to fill the Nose Tackle, Boundary and O-Line positions. Plenty of talented depth at every other position. I'm left to worry about the kicker.

You say, kicker, not a big deal? A good kicker could have been the difference in losses to Boise and Utah last year. Sorensen was one of the best kickers in the nation coming out of HS. I know he had the leg injury on him mission and the back injury from lifting, but those should have been water under the bridge by now. Lee Johnson said Sorensen was looking good in Spring. Who do I believe? Gurney or Johnson?

Enid, OK

I am thoroughly confused and disappointed that Justin Sorensen has struggled so mightily since coming to BYU. This kid was GOLD coming out of high school. I saw YouTube clips of him kicking multiple 50+ yard field goals while a junior in high school. If I remember correctly Sorensen even set a Utah high school state record with one over SIXTY yards. This guy had a freaking CANNON for a leg and I anticipated us getting AT LEAST 3 points almost every time we got down to the 35 yard line.

Yet, since coming to BYU, his distance AND his accuracy has struggled. I wonder if it's just a confidence thing since he was injured twice early in his career (falling off a porch and another weird accident that hurt his ankle?).

Keep fighting, Justin! You can do it!

South Jordan, UT

The reason why Sorensen has struggled to get back to high school form is because Bingham High School has a kicking coach who instructs the kickers and only the kickers on kicking and coincidentally has never had a bad kicker. BYU on the other hand doesn't even have a special teams coach and just leaves the kickers to practice by themselves with no one to instruct them on their form and technique.

Average Me
Bremerton, WA

I'm interested in seeing how Jacob Hannemann plays. From what I have read he is a great baseball player. Playing center field means he is fast and will have great ball skills as a DB. He is a great hitter (baseball) which means he has quick hands and great hand eye coordination. The quick hands would work great in bumping receivers and shedding blocks. It will be fun to watch how his skills translate to football.

Washington, UT

Why on earth was a kicker not recruited. Jackson is a walkon, and no kicker was recruited. Surely this was not an oversight. BYU football will never be a competitive football team in tough, close games without a reliable kicker. These guys can't even make extra points, let alone field goals. I'm dismayed.

Lindon, UT

Soccer kicking is much different than American football. If one can kick well in soccer, that dos not mean he can kick well on field goals in football. N ot even Rugby kicking is the same.


Hate to bust this article's bubble, but BYU released their depth chart today, so this article needs to be updated! Biggest surprise to me is Ross Apo is not a starter!

Of course, it is only spring and things will change after more players come in the next few months and performance changes.

Murray, UT

Really interested to see how the NT and Boundary Corner positions play out. Hopefully someone will emerge at both positions so that Hague and Manumaleuna can both man their positions of Safety and DE. Love the depth at RB and LBer, can go four deep at RB with Williams, Hine, Alisa and Lasika, And I dont think they will miss a beat at ILB, they have two very capable starters to replace Kavenga and Ogletree. And, lastly I think the TE's will benefit the most from having Anae back as OC. TE's have always been a big part of Anae offense and I think a couple of them will have breakout seasons.

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